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Paul G 05-01-2002 08:41 PM

2002 Summer Craft Contest
2002 Summer Craft Contest
Sponsored By Coyote's Corner


Submissions for the Craft Contest are now being taken. Entries will be accepted until 6/30/02. There are 5 categories for the Craft Contest:
[list=1][*]Beadwork[*]Quillwork[*]Ribbonwork[*]Fine Arts[*]Other Crafts[/list=1]

To submit an entry, upload a picture of your craft to the Gallery under the correct Craft Contest Category. All submission will be moved to the Craft section of the Gallery after the Contest.


Voting on the crafts in each of the 5 categories will begin 7/1/02.

All categories that have more than 15 entries will have a preliminary round. The 15 entries in those categories will advance. The preliminary round will last from 7/1/02 til 7/15/02.

The winners of each of these categories will receive a PowWows.com T-Shirt and advance to the Finals.

The Finals of the Craft Contest will begin 8/1/02. The winner of the Finals will receive a Chief Joseph Pendleton Blanket.

Craft Contest Blanket

Second Place will receive a $50 gift certificate to Coyote's Corner, and third place will receive a $25 gift certificate to Coyote's Corner.

Rules are subject to change, all decisions are final.

Good Luck!

Paul G 05-02-2002 09:17 AM

Can't wait to see what everyone has been working on this summer!

lakota sweetcheeks 05-02-2002 02:19 PM

Do you have beginner category? How many entries are we allowed? Do we submit work we do ourselves only?

Paul G 05-02-2002 02:21 PM

Yes, it is work that you do yourself.

No, there isn't a beginner's category, sorry.

scharbear 05-04-2002 11:41 PM

How many entries can we enter?

Can we enter in more than one catagory?

I have submitted three so far.........waiting to hear if this too many or not.


Paul G 05-05-2002 08:28 AM

There are no limits to how many you can submit.

Paul G 05-07-2002 10:35 AM

There are already some great entries in the Craft Contest.

You still have plenty of time to submit your work.

So start finishing up those projects!

Selina 05-11-2002 05:57 PM

Everyone can take part?

Paul G 05-12-2002 12:24 AM

Yes, everyone can enter.

Paul G 05-20-2002 11:52 AM

Still blenty of time to get your entry posted, so finish up the projects and take those pictures!

acgal 05-21-2002 01:44 AM

some of the crafts in the gallery are beautiful!! :)

Paul G 06-04-2002 03:16 PM

Only a few weeks left to get your crafts in the Contest!

Selina 06-05-2002 10:52 AM

And who will be in the jury?
Just curious...

Paul G 06-05-2002 11:05 AM

Everyone here!

I'll start polls for everyone to vote on.

Selina 06-05-2002 11:49 AM

ah, ok!
thx for the info!
but it is hard to decide, since there are SOOOOO beautiful crafts in there....

Paul G 06-05-2002 01:03 PM

The first polls will be by category. Then the winner of each category will move on to a final poll.

Selina 06-05-2002 01:06 PM

and I guess that each member has 1 vote, right?

Paul G 06-05-2002 01:29 PM


Selina 06-05-2002 02:46 PM

now that's gonna be difficult to vote!!!!
:Chatter :Chatter

bearspawprint 06-17-2002 07:49 PM

I'm new to this sort of forum. Greetings. How does one go about entering the contest? When I click on the link to the gallery I am able to view already posted submissions, but I don't see how to upload something of my own. I would want to do it from an image scanned to email ????????????


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