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Blackbear 11-18-2002 04:46 PM

Applique introduction
Hi!! I have finally decided that I am going to do a picture show on doing applique work. I will be starting this before the end of the week and will take me some time to do as it will be done in real time. Anyhow I have chosen to use size 13 cut beads for this project and some not cut as well. I will be using a size 12 needle and size B thread. My choice of material to bead on is a vaccuum filter from a Kirby demonstration. I have chosen it because it is lightwieght but strong, slightly transparent for tracing the pre drawn up design I did. I also am using it cause it neither frays or is torn through easily. I have mounted it on an embroidery hoop which is 6 inches wide. I decided to do it this way so that I have an easier time with my needle going through. For smaller beads that need smaller needles this is what I use and then back it, back it and back it ...three layers, but I will get to the backing when it is time. Be patient as I have said...this will be underway in a day or two...finishing up another project first.

yuchgeha 11-18-2002 09:16 PM

I can hardly wait to see it. I tried applique once. It turned out okay for someone that didn't know what they were doing. But I sure would like to know how to do it better. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us.

warhoop 11-19-2002 04:11 AM

I am really interested in how to do applique beading, I just recently figured out how to do rosettes on my own. And am interested in learning other ways to bead I can't wait.:)

alaskashadowwolf 11-19-2002 01:51 PM

Thank you Blackbear. I did a couple pouches for my sons on leather using Applique. They turned out alright for being my first projects, but it didn't come out flat until about half way through my second pouch. Beading through leather was harder than I thought it would be. Glad you decided to share with us!!!!!!!!

Blackbear 11-25-2002 04:08 AM

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Allright!! HEre I am ready to begin!!! Took me longer than I expected with the last project, but it is done so I got started tonight. Now folks, keep in mind, there are many materials, tools, bead types and ways that folks do this. I myself use many different things and never do anything the same way, unless I feel it works best for that particular type of piece. So if someone comes in here and says that they dont' do it that way, understand that does'nt mean they do it wrong and it does'nt mean I am doing it wrong either. As you try your own you will try many techniques and materials to what suits you best. So for the first picture, I have laid out everythign I will be using. I have pre drawn the picture to be beaded and mounted it on the embroidery hoop.

Blackbear 11-25-2002 04:11 AM

by the way..the little blue box is called Thread Heaven..I prefer it to wax because it does'nt build up on the thread, but strengthens and makes the thread nice and slick going through the beads...and still does'nt come off on anything . Great stuff... had that box for 4 years now and not even 1/4 of it used.

Another thing, if you have questions feel free to post them during this at any time, if I don't answer it is because the next posts will most likely answer them for you.

Blackbear 11-25-2002 04:14 AM

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Ok here I have placed the needle at my starting point from UNDERNEATH the picture and brought it through... I have taken the spot at the nose to start at. I pick up enough beads (but no more than four) to fill in one line of the nose. In this case it is three. Then I go and put the needle back through the other side.
I know some people don' t like it, but I tie my first beads down with a simple overhand knot in the back and leave a small tail.

Blackbear 11-25-2002 04:15 AM

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Blackbear 11-25-2002 04:20 AM

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ok here i locate the point between where the needle entered and exited on the knotted side and stick the needle right in the middle to the picture side.

Blackbear 11-25-2002 04:21 AM

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I go between the beads..here it is three beads so I have the needle in front of the first bead that was strung, and run it through the last two.

Blackbear 11-25-2002 04:22 AM

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Blackbear 11-25-2002 04:24 AM

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because this is the end of the line for this color and I will not be continueing this line..I put the needle back through to the other side and then bring it back up through next to the last bead. This will start the next row in the nose.

Blackbear 11-25-2002 04:26 AM

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I start the next line which is two beads...and repeat what I did with the first line, but in the opposite direction. Same goes for the third line of the nose but only one bead is needed.

Blackbear 11-25-2002 04:27 AM

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Blackbear 11-25-2002 04:31 AM

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ok above and below...I have finished filling in the nose and will now to the outline of the body. I have brought the thread back up at the base of the nose, added on 4 beads and lined them up along my drawn outline. I came back inbetween the four beads ..but if this is on an angle, the you need to be able to see that line. Fortunatley for me this material is a bit transparent so I can see this easier. But if you are working on card stock, canvas or something more opaque then you will want to make a needle hole between the beads from the upper side and then come back up through that hole. More tomorrow to come.

warhoop 11-25-2002 04:43 AM

Black Bear Chi Megwetch (Big Thank you) for sharing your tips with us on beading I'm really looking forward to see what you post next. Thank you again

alaskashadowwolf 11-27-2002 11:51 AM

Black Bear you are awesome!!! This is the best thread I have ever seen, not to mention the most helpful!!!!!! I can't wait to see what is to come. I'd love to see more of these, not just with bead work (although it's where I personally could use the most help!) but with other crafts as well. But then again if everyone learns how to make their own stuff, some people would be outta jobs!!!!!!:D

Sweet Syilx 12-01-2002 06:33 PM

Blackbear, you absolutely rock!!! Thank you for sharing this project with us. :)


Blackbear 12-01-2002 11:57 PM

I'm so glad this is helpin..and I am so sorry that i have'nt been keeping up..I have been taking pictures and getting ready for the next steps, but the St8 got some new thingiees for the computer so here I am pekcing away on a laptop that is archaic, AND I am once again reduced to dial up connection LOL!!! i have'nt forgotten and i have'nt stopped the project, just need my computer to finish the photos up so that I can post them. And don't think that just cause someone learns how to bead that it will put others out of buissness.... remember, everyone has thier own designs and ideas...not to mention that there is more beadwork to be done than there are beaders LOL

Mato Winyan 12-02-2002 02:09 AM

:Wave I have a question :devil Do ya want me to ask it? :Tongue

Seriously, you really have done a really good job coming up with new topics and different ideas and are doing a fantastic job of showing step by step in your photos. :Thumbs :clap:

You da :explode:

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