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Conversation Between elcabromy and morning_glory
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  1. morning_glory
    11-05-2008 02:09 PM - permalink
    I just read a post you did from 2003 about eastern blanket dance. The turkey feather cape and cedar cap... I remember seeing drawings of those while searching th internet for northeastern tribes. I was wondering if you could provide more information. Actually many of the tribes in CA wear those items with grass skirts. Like I told you prevuiously I am really interested in finding out more about my culture. I know history but there is a big part missing. I just want to be right! Its all about honoring the ancestors to me. You can email me Thanks so much for all your help.
  2. morning_glory
    11-05-2008 01:14 PM - permalink
    Thanks for responding so quickly. Sorry it took so long for me to get back.. I have been powwowing!!! From what you are saying I seem to be on the right track. My buckskin does not have very long fringe because I know they will slap me in the face when I put my arms up. Its 2 pieces with the wrap skirt, leggings and mocs. I have wampum necklaces and a woven belt in wampum colors and my bag strap is made out of wampum. My blanket is fleece but I quilt the designs. I am working on my new blanket now to with the hide. How would it be decorated? With paints?
  3. morning_glory
    09-22-2008 02:00 PM - permalink

    I am an Eastern blanket dancer also and I pride myself on learning to dance and dress traditionally. I am Pequot and Tuscorora. I have noticed that the dance is done more contemporary than traditional. I was taught that the dance was supposed to be done gracefully not bouncing around all over the place. When I dance I do not care about the competition as much as I care about honoring the ancestors by doing it right! Do you have any videos of you doing the traditional eastern blanket dance and could you please let me know what is traditionally worn because I am constantly searching through books and post cards to find the correct regalia. I was also surprised that you said you would dance with a hide because my new blanket is made to represent a hide. I know that we did not have cloth until the 1800's but I would like to go back to pre-contact (before English influence) and dress properly. I would appreciate all your help.


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