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Conversation Between xTekno and Hwii Siziinii
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  1. Hwii Siziinii
    04-29-2019 12:53 PM - permalink
    Hwii Siziinii
    No. Not for a long time... $10? It looked really different from what pics I saw... Sun Devil Stadium? So, can you see the dancers now? Most of the pics I saw made it look like no one was there...
  2. xTekno
    04-24-2019 05:43 PM - permalink
    Did you go to the ASU Powwow?
  3. xTekno
    08-13-2015 06:46 PM - permalink
    m.i.a. for almost a year!
  4. xTekno
    08-28-2014 11:14 AM - permalink
    still the same, like changing a hat or a shirt
  5. Hwii Siziinii
    08-27-2014 09:10 PM - permalink
    Hwii Siziinii
    you were Techno, now you're 'x' tekno... No more techno?
  6. xTekno
    08-27-2014 09:43 AM - permalink
    retired from what?
  7. Hwii Siziinii
    08-26-2014 08:45 PM - permalink
    Hwii Siziinii
    xTekno? You retired now?
  8. xTekno
    05-15-2014 09:47 PM - permalink
    i guess no more phx pws until october, eh? i was at Madison this year!!
  9. Hwii Siziinii
    03-29-2014 12:25 PM - permalink
    Hwii Siziinii
    wonder why I don't get any email notifications for these... no, I don't know of any. been kinda outta the loop for a while. I heard a rumor there was a pow wow at madison (finally) today. whaddaya know? true? pm me or just email me at
  10. xTekno
    12-06-2013 03:47 PM - permalink
    dude, do you know of any local social gatherings?


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