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Conversation Between chazziff and kiyaanii mom
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  1. chazziff
    11-26-2009 01:40 PM - permalink
    thank you! hope you have a great thanksgiving too!!
  2. kiyaanii mom
    11-25-2009 01:49 PM - permalink
    kiyaanii mom
    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
  3. chazziff
    11-26-2008 05:27 PM - permalink
    dang ... Kiyaaniimomesha ... jus watch someone will name their baby that
  4. kiyaanii mom
    11-26-2008 05:02 PM - permalink
    kiyaanii mom
    ROFL!!!! DANG that is funny.... How about Kiyaaniimomesha?!?
  5. chazziff
    11-26-2008 04:52 PM - permalink
    fawk ... too deadly ... think i'll throw on on my user name ... chazziffesha
  6. kiyaanii mom
    11-26-2008 04:48 PM - permalink
    kiyaanii mom
    butesha, eyesha, fingeresha.....ROFL!!!
  7. chazziff
    11-26-2008 04:39 PM - permalink
    dang ... seems like ya can jus slap a "esha" on the end of anything these days .... phonesha ... cupesha ...wallesha ... ROFL jkz
  8. kiyaanii mom
    11-26-2008 04:00 PM - permalink
    kiyaanii mom
    Jemenesha......?????... I have no idea how it's suppose to be pronounced!!!
  9. kiyaanii mom
    11-26-2008 03:35 PM - permalink
    kiyaanii mom
    Yup a staple for Thanksgiving dinner. And it is! Maybe that is why I'm have to bring that to the inlaws...
  10. chazziff
    11-26-2008 03:28 PM - permalink
    i made yams one year ... LOL ... cuz like its a staple in your thanksgiving dinners ennit? first time i ever ate it was at an american dinner LOL. my dad liked em LOL


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