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Conversation Between J_MaHrEe_J and 50cal
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  1. J_MaHrEe_J
    10-06-2011 03:02 AM - permalink
    hey stranger!!! hope is all well with you :D
  2. J_MaHrEe_J
    02-19-2010 04:18 AM - permalink
    well hello!
    just swinging on thru to say hello

    i dont get on here much no more
    so just logged in to say hi.
    and to see how ur holding up.
    good i hope.
    well its been awhile.
    we need to catch up friend.

  3. J_MaHrEe_J
    12-23-2009 03:30 AM - permalink
    Hey Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's to you...
    just thought i'd check on ya and see how ur holding up?

    well take care and happy holidays
    from me to you! ♥
  4. 50cal
    10-17-2009 09:20 AM - permalink
    My bad yo.....just been going thru some shyt right now......I guess jsut needed some time to clear my head of all the dumb much on my plate...dude, I'm about to freaking off myself......I don't know, doubt I'd do it but the thought sucks.........anyway, sorry for not staying in touch with you.....really I am.....forgive me????....:)
  5. J_MaHrEe_J
    10-16-2009 11:58 PM - permalink
    well well well if it isnt mr. i'm too cool to stop by and let a friend know i'm still alive..haha..j/k...but how's it going??

    its going good on my end..just going thru some hard times right but that's what makes u strong enit?? haha

    well ttfn
  6. J_MaHrEe_J
    09-21-2009 05:33 PM - permalink
    ok ya doing???

    i'm doing good..just in school

    got class here just
    thought i'd leave u a message and
    dont worry i'll change
    my icon picture thingy there
    u know
    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<right there lol
  7. J_MaHrEe_J
    09-13-2009 03:14 AM - permalink
    lmao...see i told you it was my phone...
    i really really dislike it right now..cuz
    one of my friends was tryna call
    and he said he called like 3 times today
    and i told him i didnt have any missed calls
    or see its my phone...
    it sux fireballs really

    but good to hear u did *TRY* calling lol
  8. 50cal
    09-05-2009 11:49 AM - permalink
    hey I don't know if it's your phone or mine but everytime I tried calling back yesterday it kept telling me the subscriber wasn't taking calls or something and radio path unavailable.....anyway, did try calling.
  9. J_MaHrEe_J
    09-01-2009 12:33 AM - permalink
    <<<<<<lmao...don't u just love my avatar thingy!!!!

    haha....cuz i sure do!!! how is mr. 50 doin??
    long time no hear....

  10. J_MaHrEe_J
    08-21-2009 08:13 PM - permalink
    lmao..i love that picture down there....

    but hey's it going?
    havent heard from you in a hot minute...
    everything fine??

    well as for me..i start school on the 31st
    i cant wait..i've been waiting to start

    but yeah..well miss ya and all that...



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