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    security companies in Nottingham
    Serving Nottingham and surrounding areas, our number one goal is your safety. We offer security services for a number of events and situations in a way no other security company can. From special occasions like weddings, nightclub promotions, festivals, and concerts to small parties and corporate events, we’re a one-stop security shop.
    We have a passion for protection that we take seriously. We start with a detailed consultation of your needs and goals for your event. We listen to get a sense of what your situation involves, including the layout, so we can provide the right staff and number of guards. This allows us to take our highly trained, licensed, and efficient guards and ensure they are prepared for your event. Our role during your event is to be seen and not heard. We strive to be proactive, addressing any potential weaknesses ahead of time and on the day of your event in order to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time. In the end, we want your guests to feel our invisible safety force seamlessly integrated into your event.


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