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Conversation Between 2lineCarrandMorgan and xTekno
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  1. xTekno
    12-03-2008 10:42 AM - permalink
    Real nice with the mud flaps, side step, and tinted windows!!
  2. 2lineCarrandMorgan
    12-03-2008 01:09 AM - permalink
    round trip , im in a 2002 ford ranger 150 extended cab black with mud flaps and a wetstep and tented windows,i get about 18 to 24 miles to a gallon. im delivering transmission parts for transtar
  3. xTekno
    12-02-2008 07:21 PM - permalink
    Is that one way or a round trip? A Harley will go 50 miles to a gallon.
  4. 2lineCarrandMorgan
    12-02-2008 07:15 PM - permalink
    hi thank you ,im ok i got a new assignment today only driving about 160 miles a day and new boss rides a harely i should be on this job for one month.
  5. xTekno
    12-02-2008 06:46 PM - permalink
    How're you doing ... just dropping by and saying HI!
  6. 2lineCarrandMorgan
    11-12-2008 08:35 PM - permalink
    Thank you
  7. xTekno
    11-12-2008 08:18 PM - permalink
    Nice Photos of your family!
  8. 2lineCarrandMorgan
    11-12-2008 08:13 PM - permalink
    thats a frist lol i road a lot in some of my younger years ,in the hill country it was good riding to lean with the bike not a lot but a nuff to be riding, oh shuvle head with a b**** set with pegs next to the heads a little high any way i never took one out my self unless you want to count the dirt bike went full throtle on a off road track, fissh tailing it... strating it out about 800 yard befors i hit triffic then i hit the brakes hard, that was all about leaning & balance, i was doing pretty good untill i hit those brakes ...some one should have shown me how to down shift
  9. xTekno
    11-12-2008 07:04 PM - permalink
    It's not a crotch-rocket, but 750 pounds of a lean mean riding machine.
  10. 2lineCarrandMorgan
    11-11-2008 07:40 AM - permalink
    Morning Ta'neeszahnii Techno happy riding .
    leaning in to the turns with good wind and open eyes all around you with your iron horse.


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