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Conversation Between bama-apalachee and APACHEFIRE
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    01-10-2012 03:32 AM - permalink
    well, i hope you at least come back for a visit and find all the posts for you here! **laughin**
    12-20-2011 05:07 AM - permalink
    hey you...come on back!
    04-25-2009 08:22 AM - permalink
    dear BAMA-APALACHEE! this is your official invitation & announcement that PET CHATTER has moved back to its original location back in the CHIT CHAT threads. its easier to find and to post there. we hope to see you soon! we miss you!
  4. bama-apalachee
    02-17-2009 11:55 AM - permalink
    Oops. Sorry. I should have said hello first. How have you been?
  5. bama-apalachee
    02-17-2009 11:55 AM - permalink
    Did I hook up? Very funny. lol I hate that spam crap. It is so obvious.
    02-16-2009 04:38 PM - permalink
    so, did ya hook up?

  7. bama-apalachee
    09-29-2008 01:13 PM - permalink
    Good afternoon. The weather has been great here too. Spent all weekend outside. Our city has the annual music fest. The weather was so great. Our leaves have not started changing colors yet. I love it when they do. The mountains look so beautiful. Will be going to a really good Pow Wow this weekend in Tenn. Should be a load of fun. Can't wait to sing.
    09-26-2008 08:32 PM - permalink
    hi BAMA-APALACHEE, good to hear from you too! i love it when the weather turns cool! this is my very favorite time of year. i love the changes in nature up here. i thank CREATOR for each day as i look upon the beauty. i feel so overwhelmed when i stand among the glorious colored trees as the sun makes the leaves glow. i love to walk the trails along the lake or river and creeks. i take in deeply the fresh spicy air, and listen to the chickadees on the hunt. this is the time i love to be outside exploring. just talking about it makes me smile!
    i had trouble yesterday too. i couldnt get into some pages unless i found a back door. im glad you found your way back! have a great time away from work! *laughing*
  9. bama-apalachee
    09-26-2008 11:12 AM - permalink
    Good to hear from you. It has cooled off here too, but it is so beautiful. I love this time of year. I haven't been able to get on here for a few days. Some kind of server problem. Maybe it will work today. Been a long work week. I am so ready for a day off. Take care and keep in touch.
    09-25-2008 09:23 PM - permalink
    well, today i had to go get a load of wood. time to get ready for the chilly time up here. (down here to you) *laughing* i have to get in the shower soon to get ready for tomorrow. i havent slept in a couple of days. time to take sleeping pills i guess. so, how have you been?


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