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Conversation Between timmy tiger and *Brown Eyed Gurl*
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  1. timmy tiger
    03-23-2009 03:03 PM - permalink
    timmy tiger
    Happy birthday. I hope you and the kids have a wonderful day today.
  2. *Brown Eyed Gurl*
    12-24-2008 09:48 PM - permalink
    *Brown Eyed Gurl*
    Merry Christmas
  3. timmy tiger
    12-24-2008 12:01 PM - permalink
    timmy tiger
    Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas. Hope you and the kids have a good one.
  4. timmy tiger
    12-16-2008 11:52 PM - permalink
    timmy tiger
    Dang, now that's funny too. I saw someone, two different people several times, who were listed as being on and when I went into the profiles to leave a message, they hadn't been on in a couple of days.LOL Oh and now it's timing me out.LOL It didn't used to do that either.
  5. *Brown Eyed Gurl*
    12-16-2008 11:49 PM - permalink
    *Brown Eyed Gurl*
    hmm wierd. mines fine.
  6. timmy tiger
    12-16-2008 07:54 PM - permalink
    timmy tiger
    Just stopping by to say "Hi", my who's on line hasn't been working right lately.LOL Been telling me people are on who aren't and when I go into talk to them, they aren't on.LMAO
  7. timmy tiger
    12-13-2008 05:34 PM - permalink
    timmy tiger
    Hey there. I told you that I was gonna tell you something, it's so funny. My son and nephew went and got the tree today. When they got back here, my son had to leave, his g/
    didn't come with him.LOL Well Catzilla got her head stuck in a Spaghettio can and my son's g/f could wash her up by herself, so she needed my son to come home and help her.LMAO
    Had to tell you that, some other funny stuff to tell you later.
    Gotta get back to making my meatballs.LMAO Been working on them all afternoon, got alot more to do.
    My son and nephew just went to get pizza's. There's a place here where if you buy one pizza you get two free if you pick them up. So we pick them up.LOL Chat with ya later.
  8. timmy tiger
    12-05-2008 02:59 PM - permalink
    timmy tiger
    Just stopping in to say Hi. Dang it was an awesome day yesterday and an even better one today. I got alot of things accomplished already here and more coming now through my book and my work. Oh this is sooooooooo good, almost better then....okay maybe not, but you have the idea.LOL Have a good one and talk to you later.
  9. timmy tiger
    12-04-2008 06:17 AM - permalink
    timmy tiger
    LOL Now why doesn't that surprise me.LOL Well, that's good, I got a new toy too and I'm playing with it too, I'll tell you about it later.
    I was getting a little worried about you there.
    I will, my books came in Tuesday and I have them with me, so this should be really good.
    Have a good one and I'll talk to ya later.
  10. *Brown Eyed Gurl*
    12-04-2008 12:56 AM - permalink
    *Brown Eyed Gurl*
    have a good time

    i got a new cell phone been texting like a freak


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