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Conversation Between timmy tiger and Shoteka
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  1. timmy tiger
    09-08-2011 01:21 AM - permalink
    timmy tiger
    Yeah, I understand that. BUt it is good you are here and posting now. Hope to see more ove you soon sweetie. Hope you do great in school this year.
  2. Shoteka
    07-25-2011 02:41 PM - permalink
    Very busy summer! Vacations, swimming, hanging out. Wish I logged on more. :/ At least I'm on now! :)
  3. timmy tiger
    09-13-2010 12:41 AM - permalink
    timmy tiger
    Well, wellcome back and hope to see more of you posting in the future. I've had a long weekend and am so tired right now. WE'll catch up later. OKAY?
  4. Shoteka
    09-12-2010 04:12 PM - permalink
    Yeah, same here, especially now because of school. I've sort of been neglecting the site, sort of. I want to get on more now, so I'm trying! :D
    Ahh, technology, it's a love/hate relationship.
  5. timmy tiger
    06-26-2010 03:03 PM - permalink
    timmy tiger
    It's fine. I'm not on that much either. I can only get on for a little bit here and there, not all the time. But hopefully soon will be back up. Yeah, I know I sometimes don't like computer's either.LOL They always seem to go down just when you're right in the middle of something important.LOL
  6. Shoteka
    06-26-2010 12:45 AM - permalink
    Sorry, i've been lazy, i apologize. I've been on the computer, I've been meaning to log on, but I just haven't. I'm doing fine, and yourself? :)

    Oh, that sucks, that's why I hate computers sometimes, lol.
    Oh, cool you're on my list now! :)
  7. timmy tiger
    05-17-2010 04:43 PM - permalink
    timmy tiger
    Hey sweetie. How are you doing?

    I'm doing good. Trying to keep busy right now. Getting my house cleaned a little at a time and sorting through all my beads.
    Oh of course we can add each other on FB, I would like that. I'm not on right now as much as I used to be or usually am 'cause my computer's down for now. But am hoping to be up and running again really soon and will be on alot more then I am now.
  8. Shoteka
    05-17-2010 12:33 AM - permalink
    Hi! :)
    Long time no... comment? I'd say talk, but it's like typing.
    How are you?
    My mom has a facebook, and she knows you on it. I was wondering if you wanted to add each other? I got one in February. :)
  9. timmy tiger
    01-03-2010 08:17 PM - permalink
    timmy tiger
    I know what you mean. If it's not cleaned right or cooked right it will give me a tummy ache too. But if it's done right, I tend to like it. I just don't eat an aweful lot of it. I lived in NJ for 3 years, near the ocean so I know what fresh fish and seafood is, not fresh frozen that they try to pass off as fresh. I had a thing about that one time at a place where it was not fresh and they claimed it was and then we went round for round and they admitted it was "fresh frozen" so they claimesd it was Fresh.
  10. Shoteka
    01-03-2010 08:10 PM - permalink
    LOL. Same, New Year's day was crazier than the eve.
    LOL, I don't really like fishy stuff, makes my stomach all.... uncomfortable.


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