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tiny tot dancer

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  1. LaughingWaterWI
    06-30-2009 08:54 AM - permalink
    Just dropping by to say hi....and ask a few questions
    1. are you allowed to put pictures of your work in these forums or does it have to go to the album?
    2. are you allowed to sell your stuff in the froum or is there a place where you can do this?
    3. how do you go about sharing video's
    I am new to this website 57, a grandma to 4 +20 kids LOL that are not mine. but I have bern doing this since I was little and back then we only had kerocene lamps so it was done during the day. yeah we had this community building us girls would hang out and bead. The nice thing about it was they supplied everything. My auncle made me my loom. All in all if you have time to get to my ? Chi miigwitch
  2. LisaMOOSE07
    03-02-2009 06:22 PM - permalink
    Boozhoo, please come and vote for best overall video
  3. Eagle Plumes
    09-25-2008 08:02 PM - permalink
    Eagle Plumes
    your welcome and thank-you for adding me!
  4. mutnik
    09-25-2008 03:15 PM - permalink
  5. Eagle Plumes
    09-25-2008 01:20 PM - permalink
    Eagle Plumes
    Hello, beautifull dress!!

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