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    The sample is after that placed in an option to soften the bone and is lastly refined like various other biopsies in the cells research lab. The liquid part of the bone marrow is spread on glass slides and also tarnished to make the bone marrow smears. The slides are after that analyzed under the microscope, generally by a particularly qualified technician adhered to by a physician such as a hematologist or pathologist. Sections of either example might be sent to the microbiology research laboratory for cultures or other studies to identify infections. The other beta-globin subunit is replaced with a different irregular version, such as hemoglobin C. As an example, individuals with sickle-hemoglobin C disease have hemoglobin molecules with hemoglobin S as well as hemoglobin C instead of beta-globin. If mutations that produce hemoglobin S and beta thalassemia happen together, individuals have hemoglobin S-beta thalassemia condition.


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