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    She does Agile Business coaching— every thing from launching new agile specialized teams to advising executives on how to just take Agile and Lean concepts considerably outside of application development of their drive to deliver more consumer benefit more quickly. She will work with huge and tiny corporations. She pioneered agile methods for embedded program improvement commencing in 1998. Her history in electronics and computer software growth for avionics, factory automation, health-related, and defense devices brings a novel viewpoint to her coaching apply.

    She holds a Scrum Grasp certification, has edited a column for the Agile Situations, and served to the IEEE 1648 committee to outline an ordinary for purchasers of agile teams. She has long been a regular presenter at a variety of Agile-related conferences due to the fact 2003. Her perform in implementing Agile techniques to embedded methods has actually been referenced by Jim Shore and Mary Poppendieck in their publications. She is a founder and previous president of Agile New England, Boston's most significant Agile Specialist group.


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