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Conversation Between lbgood and xTekno
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  1. xTekno
    06-11-2010 05:02 PM - permalink
    lsaughin so hrd tears are squirting out!!
  2. lbgood
    06-11-2010 03:52 PM - permalink
    Re: G & B - We know she is watching according to her post in the cafe. I think we both should get her in the Twinkle thread, and she will be shamed if she didn't respond LMAO! U go first LOL
  3. lbgood
    06-11-2010 03:38 PM - permalink
    IDK - I think she got skurd LOL
  4. xTekno
    06-11-2010 03:22 PM - permalink
    What happened to G&B?
  5. lbgood
    06-11-2010 01:46 AM - permalink
    lol - glad you liked the li'l diddy (song)
  6. xTekno
    06-10-2010 07:39 PM - permalink
    Good one bro!!
  7. lbgood
    11-28-2009 08:14 PM - permalink
    I know huh, they just disappeared LOL! Why, did you try to jog down memory lane wanting to read the previous posts? Some of them were madness LMAO!
  8. xTekno
    11-25-2009 12:42 PM - permalink
    What happened to your posts?
  9. xTekno
    11-13-2009 09:52 AM - permalink
    I seriously think NABI is scaling back drastically.
  10. lbgood
    11-13-2009 04:19 AM - permalink


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