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Conversation Between comadre and xTekno
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  1. comadre
    11-07-2012 01:48 PM - permalink
  2. xTekno
    11-07-2012 01:21 PM - permalink
    You have a sick dirty mind!! OMG!
  3. comadre
    11-07-2012 02:42 AM - permalink
  4. comadre
    11-06-2012 02:35 PM - permalink
  5. comadre
    11-06-2012 01:59 PM - permalink
  6. xTekno
    11-06-2012 01:53 PM - permalink
    Time to replace the components anyway. They are way past their expected life span. Trough the 12 years, they have been exposed to all kinds of power sources including itty-bitty generators that probably led to their degradation.
  7. comadre
    11-06-2012 02:14 AM - permalink
  8. xTekno
    11-05-2012 07:45 PM - permalink
    besides, who wants to hang out with an old man whose equipment goes on a brink at the last minute when it counts the most. i know a lot of people left because it was way late while i was still fiddling with my stuff. finally got back up and running, but that's how the night ended.
  9. xTekno
    11-05-2012 07:42 PM - permalink
    too tired for a cap of any kind - got home by 10:30 and didn't go to sleep until 11:30. got lots of "you can take me out for dinner" earlier, but the evening dragged on and on. not to mention the 15-20-minute sound blackout as my sound system went out just after taking the staffs back out.
  10. comadre
    11-05-2012 06:38 PM - permalink


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