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Originally Posted by skaroreh
There are so many "falsehoods" in this post it's fascinating.

I feel quite certain, based on some of the statements that you're making, that you are a member of the "entourage" that has contributed so much complaining to this event and that explains your post.

At the risk of sounding blunt... it's just untrue that I'm the one who told you about water fountains. I wasn't even aware of the water fountains myself until yesterday when we were doing cleanup. Hadn't spent enough time outside to know.

Before you accuse me of something, please make sure you have your facts straight.

Not true that over 100 dancers registered.

Although the dancer numbers were in ranges of numbers from 1- 200+, it isn't because we had that many register. It's because we had 3 legal pads for people to register on with different ranges of numbers. The first legal pad started with #3 and went through #29. The second legal pad started with number #100 and went through #127 and the third legal pad started with #200 and only had dancers registered for the first few spots.

Just because there was a dancer with a number in the hundreds DOES NOT mean that there were that many dancers.

And as a matter of fact, the drums were expensive and the MC, himself, charged quite a lot.

As for our head woman dancer, she was gifted with jewelry and other items. During the planning stages, she was shocked to find out that the head man dancer and MC were insisting on being paid since it was a first annual powwow and it should be an honor to participate in something such as this. She is from Oklahoma and from a very well-respected family that is known for it's involvement with powwows out there. She was surprised to find out just how expensive and political powwows here in NC can be. I remember her telling me that for her, being a head woman dancer at a veterans honor powwow is an honor and a privilege and it's not something you do because you're being paid to do it.

I have the utmost respect for her, as a Marine and as a fellow native woman living in the eastern NC community. She is well aware of the gratitude we have for her participating in this powwow.

And again, it's just not true that all of the vendors were complaining. Only a handful were. I don't know why you insist on saying this, but it simply isn't true. We've had more compliments from vendors in the last couple of days than we could ever have anticipated. The proof will be in the next powwow, I guess. We'll all be able to see just how many disgruntled powwow vendors there were when we see numerous repeats from this year at next year's event.
The only "falsehood" is your own.

There is no "entourage" as you put it. Just dancers and vendors who've been going to pow wows together for a very long time.

My facts are straight. Thank you very much.

I was talking about your online dancer registrations.....not in-person registrations. Having a problem with our short-term memory are we?

Well your head lady dancer didn't even know you were supposed to pay her did she?

It must be very difficult keeping up your stories straight.
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