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"no casinos erected there <b>to allow the victims to work their way out</b> of the financial stress they will be in due to this event" :Shocked

"the Indians were/and in some cases still are <b>treated badly?"</b>
<i>treated badly?</i> :Eyebrows <i>"treated badly" is when a waiter is rude to you at a restaurant. </i>

"As I come to learn more and more of the Indian truths I will teach them along side white truths [and black truths and all other truths]"
<i>teach Indian truths alongside white truths? what does that even mean ?</i> :Thinking <i>Except that other peoples' truth must be somehow qualified and separated from the "white truth"? </i>

"when you write your "truths" making an entire race responsible"
<i>ah, I see, so there's the qualifier again, " " this time, just so you're clear your truth isn't really valid compared to hers</i>

"relentless white bashing that goes on in this country from individuals of every other race in the book, while they take full advantage of all the bounty that white culture has imagined, created and helped to produce."
:JawDrop :Angry :Thinking

"all those horrible things happened to your ancestors. They did not, however, happen to you."
<i>does this person actually live in the USA?</i>

"there is no (legal) slavery in America, no limited opportunities to become educated, vote, or buy property based solely on race, no lack of information or communication thereof"
<i>does this person actually live in the USA?</i>

"I would have made it a more thoughtful piece rather than a straight, biased account of events that is based in nothing more than hearsay. And 400 year old hearsay at that." <i>aaarrrgghhh</i> :Mad

"I hope this post has come across better and more indicative of my original meaning." <i>uh... yeah</i>
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