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DNA pow wow

Posted 11-17-2007 at 12:26 AM by crazywolf
Boozhoo niji,

Its friday night late, thought I would post a quick one. I had decided to go to DNA a couple of weeks ago. I figure I had not heard it advertised much, the prizes are great and it might be worth the time off from work to see if I can make some extra money, add it to my Minnesota fund. Well the day came and I packed up and left. I get down there, pay $5 parking. I go in, leave my car and camper out in the lot, and ask to sign up. I show them my ID card, and they question it. So here is where blood quantum and everything comes in.

My mother was an enrolled member of the White Earth Chippewa. She actually had below the minimum quantum needed for enrollmeny, but... she was born before that law was passed, so she was enrolled retroactive. Since I am half of that, I do not get enrolled. But they did give me a nifty descendant ID card, that used to give me hunting rights on the rez, now its only good for showin people I have a meager amount of blood.

As the officials sat there, someone was sent off to ask a higher up, and I started to ponder my decision to take off work for two days to come to this pow wow. I was thinking, this day is shot, but maybe I can still work saturday? The runner came back and said my card was acceptable. OK cool, now I can go and dance, but its only 11:30, and dancing does not start until 7:00 that evening. No problem, I have plenty to do. Lunch, find a camp spot, set up my camper, dress and dance all in a days work innit? I could not have been more wrong.

When I called and asked about the pow wow, about camping I was told that it would cost $35. When I got there it was $35 per night. Wow. So I tried calling a friend that lived close by, maybe set up in her yard? She was not home, or at least, never answered her phone. So I am going to have to communte to and from the pow wow, its a 45 mile, almost an hour trip, and I hate driving in Tampas traffic.

So I got something to eat, that was good, Iona knows how to fill you up aye! But then it was hurry up and wait. There was nothing to do for 5 hours! If I left to find a camp site I would have to spend another $5 to park again, the ticket is good for one time only, you leave and it becomes invalid. Sheesh!

So anyway, grand entry. I was all ready, and started to look at all of the fancy dancers filing in. OK well winning by default was not going to happen. I think there are about 10 of us, only 5 will place. Have to fight for it and honestly... I am not all that good. I mean, I am not trying to pound nails in my own coffin and sound all pessimistic, but... I have NEVER beat someone in competition. I have only ever won by default.

So what? I will just dance for the heck of it, have some fun, not worry about the contest. Who know? Maybe someone will screw up major. The second song they played for us was a trick, and I saw 5 dancers all in a row in front of the judges, stop without the drum stopping. Oops. One of them was not me. LOL I am having trouble stopping on those endings though, I mean, I catch it quick enough, but usually my feet are not in exactly a cool position, not like those guys who can face plant on the floor or do a split. Heck I never was that flexable to begin with, and probably too old to be doing this anyway, but what the heck, its fun!
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You just have to do the best you can - and who knows what will happen. I'm still learning to dance and have yet to place at all, but I'm always hopeful. You never know what the judges might be looking for - and maybe a dancer who shows a lot of spirit and joy in their dancing may catch their eye, rather than someone who is just going through the motions.

I've never been carded at a dance before, and I really don't understand the point of it in the case of someone who obviously has authentic regalia.
Posted 11-17-2007 at 12:27 PM by NorthofAda NorthofAda is offline
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