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DNA Pow wow pt. 2

Posted 11-18-2007 at 01:18 AM by crazywolf
Boozhoo niji,

Here it is, after midnight, sheezh what long day. It went by quick though. I hooked up with some friends from around Florida, commenced to getting dressed and start dancing.

This concrete floor is brutal. I keep wanting to dance hard, and keep reminding myself about the hard floor and pulling back. In the afternoon sessions they only played a couple of intertribals for us, then went into catagories. Its sometimes a long wait, either that, or you get done quick and then there is nothing to do, so I roamed the grounds.

I made the statement several times around that we are the only common people to get mobbed by paparazzi. While speaking to one of my friends about what my aims and goals were to moving up north, hoping to win a little extra money, and just overall figuring it out. We were interrupted three times by someone wanting to take my picture. I made the comment, you know, if I had a dollar for everytime... I would have enough money to move. I mean, there were a couple thousand people there, a dollar from everyone would make me a Minnesota moving man. So why not? I asked people that wanted to take my picture, that I was moving to Minnesota and needed some money. Most of them were happy to donate a buck here or there. You know I made about $40 today. At least its covering my parking and gas eh?

And then came the dance sessions for the evening... Yes there was an ominious feeling going about. Something was still telling me this was a bad idea. That concrete probably cured a lot harder in the couple hours I went out to get something to eat, and the MC said we were trying something new. They wrote down all of the catagories on pieces of paper and threw them in a hat, then a catagory was drawn at random. So you didn't know if you were going right then or later. Well for me it was later, much later.

But I have to say, that I got to watch Sr mens fancy dancing first, and Dwight White Buffalo was in it. And you know something? His and my dance styles are something of the same thing, and i have never met the guy, nor watched him dance. He was doing a lot of the same moves that I use. So I felt better about it. So they called us out, and I saw that a couple of guys I made friends with recently were judges. There were a couple of guys from the Kingbird drum up there, and we have it in common that we are all Anishinaabe, sweet!

So the first song was just a fast straight. I danced it hard, thinking we were only getting 2 songs. I loved the song, danced it and threw all my best stuff out there, showing off in front of Tate and Royce. I hit all the honor beats on the mark, did some really cool stuff and finished if off nice and tight.

The second song was a ruffle sung by a drum that did not know how. They chopped the endings, and later another dancer came up and complained to me about it. So I am guessing a lot of those guys had problems with that song, not catching the endings.

The THRID song... Yeah thats right they wanted us to burn! They played a crow hop! Sha... It was brutal, four push ups. I was already done by the second song, this was killing me. I can do a pretty mean crow hop, but its a hard step, and by that I mean, its not hard to do, its high impact. I would have preferred to dance that one on grass for sure. But I did it. By the third pushup I was panting pretty hard, it was getting to be a challenge just to avoid the other dancers. I was beyond my limit, and pushing hard. I could barely do the steps through the fourth pushup, it come out a little more than a skip. But I nailed the ending, hanging on every drum beat hoping it was the last. Then I had to go stand in line, show off my number, and just hope it was getting written down somewhere.

Then you clap hands and leave the arena. I promptly headed for the water bottle, followed by a trip outside in the cool air to stretch back out a little bit. Damn I was so sore. I still am and its almost 2 hours later. Will have to wait and see what I feel like when I wake up in the morning, see if I dare to go back. Stay posted...
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