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DNA Pow wow pt. 3

Posted 11-18-2007 at 08:59 PM by crazywolf
Boozhoo niji,

Well I have made it back on the last day, did not win on either the mens fancy or the special. Its depressing, I hate losing but I still had fun. In the grand entry for some reason or another a princess came to stand beside me. The veterans had danced by and she was just there, and someone was talking. She was trying to fan herself off with her hand, so I just took one of my spinners to create a little breeze for her. Her sash said something like Miss Northern Nevada or something. She was greatful, and I said something like, They dont allow you to have a fan? I think she was a fancy shawl dancer, but i said it as a joke.

I did some intertribals, and the fancy special was great. Litefoot was one of the judges there, went up to talk to me homie before the contest and he remembered me from White Earth 2003. I danced well in the songs, but I guess it was not good enough. I know I had fun and all, but fun is not going to get me to Minnesota, neither are words of encouragement or spectators comments.

On the bright side the switch dance was hilarious. They keep having to outdo what they did from the last year I guess, so it keeps getting better and better. This time someone dressed up in a fancy shawl outfit, acted like he was dissatisfied with the drum or something and began to strip, throwing his clothes on the floor. He was wearing a pink tu tu underneath, and then... well this is a family web page, I cannot go any further but lemme tell you, it was explicit.

I didn't really catch a lot of the contest results, except that I wish I could have found five guys and entered my drum in the southern catagory. It would not have mattered if we could sing or not it was worth $3000.

I did not really meet anyone new, just kinda got reaquainted with some other people, but thats the most of it.
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