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Time is winding down to the big day.

Posted 03-23-2008 at 01:08 PM by crazywolf
Boozhoo niji,

Miigwech for reading my thoughts. I only have about a month or so before the date I have set comes. This day is important because it is the one that I have decided to leave Florida behind and move up to Minnesota. Thiswas supposed to be the last Sunday in April. There is no reason why I picked that date, its just a goal to shoot for, something I have thought about for over two years.

My life as of late has been chaotic and stressful. It usually is stressful but now it is even more so. My mother passed away back last June. While she was sick my Dad hired on an old aquaintance to be a house keeper. When she died, her family (the housekeeper) was evicted from their home. She had been doing good work, fixing my father lunch and having dinner ready for when I get home, taking my dad to the doctor and running errands. We asked them to move in with us. It seemed like a simple solution at the time, they needed a home and we needed someone to watch over my dad while I am at work.

I am not going to go through everything that happened between then and now, except that these people have been difficult to live with. Mike and Rose have two kids, Jeremy and Michael. I have had things go missing since they moved in. I have gotten into verbal confrontation with Mike on more than one occasion and the two kids have absolutely no respect for anything that belongs to someone else. If it is just laying around it is theirs to do with whatever they want. But recently I have found out I can trust them, at least Rose anyway.

My Dad noticed he had some money missing from his account. Ever since he had a stroke the doctor's said he was incompatent to handle his own financial affairs. So a guardian had to be assigned to handle it. Well when Mom died his account was in limbo. Since I was moving I could not do it so Dad had Rose made the guardian. She can go to the bank at any time and withdraw money. My Dad noticed that about $200 missing from his savings. So I had to take half a day off work and go with him to the bank and have them print out a history of all transactions for the past two weeks.

I took this home and compared it with the check book. Rose came in and asked what I was doing so I told her. Together we accounted for every cent in the account. It turns out my Dad has been writing checks and going to the ATM whenever he wanted for money and was spending it like no tomorrow. He has even been bouncing checks. So I had to apologize to Rose, tell my Dad what he did, and now I have to wonder something else.

My Dad was going to pay to have the motor rebuilt in my van. This is important because I need it to move my stuff. It is quite obvious to me that he cannot afford to do this. So now that ball is back in my court. I have a trailer that I bought and repaired to haul my stuff in, bought four new tires for it, bought four tires for the van, and now I have to figure out where I can get $800 for a short block. I am thinking maybe credit card.

So there is that and the other thing is time. I have a boat I am working on for some one for extra money. I am making new seats for it, put some letters on the side and going to cut some carpet for the floor. Then there are some other little odds and ends that I will do. I am getting paid $1100 for it, but most of that money has gone into bills already. He still owes me $300, and likely I will put that in the bank to pay for those tires. I am also going to have to insure and tag the van, I don't know how much that will cost.

Well I got to get to work on that boat. See yall down the trail.
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Best of luck to you crazywolf,

The end of April is here and I hope you have fulfilled your plans to the best of your ability. I shall pray for you.
Posted 04-17-2009 at 10:42 AM by is offline
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