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Would my life make a good reality show?

Posted 11-13-2007 at 11:12 PM by crazywolf
Boozhoo niji,

I know a lot of people are hooked on reality shows these days, there are all different kinds out there, from reality game shows like Survivor, to drama like American Chopper and Cops. Well, there is an awful lot of drama in my life, and I wonder if anyone would be interested in watching. If not, change the channel now before reading any further, because that is what I am posting, my life for the past several months.

Ever since I hve visited the White Earth rez in Minnesota, I have wanted to move up there. My first visit was on vacation to a pow wow there in 2001. There was nothing bad about the entire trip. I returned every year after except for last year, 2007, to save money, and in 2005 because of a hernia. In all that time from 2001 I have plotted and planned to move. I though about expenses, where to live, and jobs.

I talked it over with my family, my mother and father, and for a time it seemed that we all wanted to pull up and move up there. Then my mother fell ill last June. She died a month later of lung cancer. Before she left me she made me promise that I would fulfil my dream and move up there. So now I am obligated, at least to try it this spring.

It has been kind of an uphill battle since June. My father had a stroke following the 2001 trip, and he is now partally handicapped. He cannot fend for himself, although he can get around, use the bathroom and dress himself. But he cannot drive or cook. He hired a woman to come in and housekeep part time, and at about the same time mom crossed over, her family got evicted. She was pretty nice, and both my father and I thought they should move in with us. We had an extra bedroom, and storage space for their things. They took us up on the offer and moved in within the week.

Everything at first was great, the husband, Mike and kids Michael and Jeremy did a lot of work in the yard. We have 2 1/2 acres here and its a lot to keep up with. We have a pond that is overgrown with weeds, and some dead trees that needed to be removed. A lot has gotten done. A lot indeed, and something dark was going on behind mine and my fathers backs.

This was my relatively simple plan. I drive up north, look for a job, if I find one, catch a greyhound back and drive my old van pulling a trailer up north. I am a mechanic and have a relatively large tool box with a good inventory of tools to haul. OK.

The first episode that happened, was I noticed an extension cord was missing. This cord was maybe 30 foot long, custom made with 10/3 wire. This is pretty heavy guage wire, heavier than you can get at you local home improvement store. They came from my dad's workplace, which closed at the same time he retired. He got a bunch of stuff from there as they were closing the place. Those cords were pretty valuable. So I went looking for them. I then noticed something else missing.

I bought a arc welder from a friend along with a mig welder. I had about 200 foot of welding lead along with a couple ground clamps and a couple stingers. Not only did someone steal the leads, clamps and stingers, they cut the cord off the back of the welder. The mig was not touched because it is useful. Mike has been using it to make various repairs. Now I had not pointed any fingers yet, but when I asked Mike about the cords and welding lead, he got real defensive. Also, as a side job Mike hauls scrap. You know that copper in those leads and cords was worth a lot of money?

I even had a small fan that looked really bad, but it worked and I used it in my shop. Someone cut the cord on that too. One night Mike had pulled his truck into the barn to work on it, and at the same time, I found a cord on a junk lamp, cut it off, and spliced it onto the fan. Mike sat there and watched as I plugged the bare wires into an outlet and turned it on, then wire nut the repairs and put it back together. He asked why I did it, and I said, its my fan, it worked, and I wanted it. I wonder why he was interested.

So now my suspicion is peaked. I go sneaking around at night, looking around the barn and outside in the backyard for clues. I finally searched his truck and found one of the ends of the extension cords. I only found one, but to me it was enough. I showed it to dad, and together we confronted Mike. He got really defensive, and retaliated by wanting to know why I went into his truck. I asked him to put himself in my shoes. The cords, leads and other things, all disappeared after he moved in. We had lived in this house for around 29 years, had only a thin piece of paneling for a front door for half that and had NEVER gotten broken into or anything stolen from us, ever. He denied it, of course. I feel like trust had been broken on both sides and things have not been the same since. This all happened with the first three months of him being here.

Then other things happened. They cleared out overgrowth around my old Airstream. It was a 33 foot travel trailer. Next thing I know a county codes enforcement officer is knocking on our door, someone called in a complaint that we were setting up a mobile home without a permit. We got away with the Airstream, since its not considered a mobile home, however, I had 4 non-functioning cars that had to go. Now this is getting into my plans. I have 5 cars, my Subaru which I drive every day, a Bronco, a Plymouth Turismo, and two Ford vans, one that ran but was badly rusted out and one that had a good body but didnt run.

I need the van to haul my tool box. I need the other van to use the engine and parts to get the other van to run. The county putting pressure on me I had to sell my Bronco for less money than I would have liked, to use that money for the move, and had to junk out the van. I stripped everything I could. Now, the radiator was brand new, worth $350, and I was keeping it as a spare. It vanished. Mike insisted on junking the van, and I wanted the steering gear box out of it, but he couldnot pull it without steering, so I let it go, I had one day get rid of it before the county officer returned.

At least I did some good with that money, I bought a trailer to put my things in for the move. I had to fix it up a little but I can padlock it and keep my things safe in this nice little storage shed on wheels. Its tagged and up to date so the county cannot say anything about it. I also sold the Airstream and used the money here and there, mostly to pay bills.

I wonder what will disappear next, so I have slowly been putting my things in that trailer and keeping it locked. Dad has been keeping the barn locked and keeping Mike out of there. Mike has been having a bad attitude lately. Dad has decided to kick him out after Christmas.

I only have one more part of my plan to initiate. I need to get my old van running. The plan was to take the motor and rebuild it. That needs about $1600. I currently have $0 towards that end. It also needs new tires and some body work. The truck did run before I parked it, just had the heads worked on, and it seemed like it made a noise like a rod was knocking. I might have been paranoid about that though. What I have been thinking about doing is just get the engine running again,, put new tires on it and go.

I had thought it would be cheaper to rent a UHaul, but its not, would cost $1062 just for the milage, not including gas.

I will be getting money for gas to move when I get my income tax return. Like I said, I have been planning this for a while. I am allowing myself 3 weeks to find work, if I can, I come back and get my stuff. If not, I go back home with tail between legs and save up for another year, maybe?

These are my reasons for wanting to move. I am Anishinaabe, and I am far away from home where I can learn more about my traditions and culture. There are more and better pow wows up north than in Florida. There are fewer people, its getting crowded down here. People do not care down here, I want a motorcycle but motorists here honsetly do not look out for them. Its hot down here and cold up there, and I deal with cold better. And finally, I am hoping to meet someone with around the same attitude, mentality and spirituality as me, and I might already be chatting with her, thankyou Esnag!

So thats it for now, will post updates as I can and as there is something interesting to post.
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hello CRAZYWOLF. i really enjoyed your writing of "would my life make a good reality show?". i am looking forward to reading more of your blog soon. i want to know that you finally made it to where you belong, and i want to see that Mike is out of your lives! trust your instincts.
Posted 11-16-2007 at 01:07 AM by APACHEFIRE APACHEFIRE is offline
muskrat_skull's Avatar
I hope you found your way home. I'm in the south now and look forward someday to returning to my northern home, cold though it may be. Home is home.
Posted 04-13-2013 at 03:40 PM by muskrat_skull muskrat_skull is offline
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