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Posted 02-07-2013 at 11:47 AM by cris_neva
Well we're already into the second month in 2013. Time just keeps passing by faster and faster. I decided to try to start the blog thing AGAIN....We'll see how long this last...LOL...this will probably be my only entry until 2014...Aye...I joke!

Well alot has changed since my last blog and within the last year...a wonderful and positive change for my little family. It was a long time coming and glad someone I care deaply for finally had the courage to change. Finally standing by a man I knew he always were underneath all that BS!! With that being said looking forward to 2013 bringing about more postitive change in both our lives and into our life of our little family. Hope to be blogging about greatness and the wonderful happenings going on both with us and around us. Finally forgiving and forgetting the past...letting down my guard and my selfish/childish ways in order to be happy and in order to make others around me happy...continuing to grow as a person, a daughter, a mother, a partner, a friend, a sister, and a worker...putting aside petty and childish ways to better myself in all aspects of this thing called life. I've done alot of growing up in the past year and still continue to grow and change for the better. There comes a time in life where you gotta grow up and be better person then you were the day before...I'm in no way perfect, nor am I trying to be perfect....just trying to be the best role model for my children and fam....who are my driving force and my constant motivation to want more out of myself and out of life!

So here's to postivity and greetness!
See you next blog!
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