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Mind ramblings

Posted 12-07-2007 at 02:37 AM by Mato Winyan
Most of you know I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my youngest daughter's son. Little Aydan Sky. He's due December 26th. I truly can't wait. The thought of new life coming into our midst is a bright shining hope and testimony as to why we do the things that we do. For our future generations.

In the midst of this joy it is becoming almost too overwhelming to me to be around negativity. Negativity of ANY sort. I just bristle when it comes around. That's a change for me, usually I'm such a sponge that I get overwhelmed by it and lose my own focus. You know the type don't ya. Mostly they are called "spiritual vampires" by most. Me... I call most of them "friends" and "family". *lol*

We have all been in those situations that we find ourselves with someone that just can't quit talking about themselves. What they think.... what they feel... what they like ... what they don't like and when you try to change the subject they always bring the subject back to them. Some I have to give credit to, they are quite slick.

Don't get me wrong.... we are to be compassionate towards others but this doesn't have anything to do with compassion. It has to do with self preservation. Myself, I can listen hours on end to people and emphathize with them on their life and problems and try to help in some way. Just let me say one thing about something I'm going through and either they totally ignore it or have to suddenly leave the conversation. Hell some don't even let you say one thing and have them listen to it.... they are already thinking in their head what they are going to say. *lol*Hmmm..... WTF??? Sometimes I am going through things and just need for someone to say...... you can do it.... you can make it through this. It's ok. You're going to be ok. What ever happened to I'm sorry and I'll keep you in prayer??!!

LoL The ones that really get me are the ones that are in the midst of a rant about others being "insensitive takers" that drain THEM... while never once asking how you are or how your pregnant daughter is. Gawd give me strength with them people.

I can say I am most thankful for one good friend that when she's low..... I can help encourage her. When I'm low.... she is the strong encouragement that I need. That's the mark of a true friendship I believe. Give AND take. And yeah.... we've also had to give and take swift kicks in the *** sometimes too. *lol*

Since I don't like all the negativity I want to leave you with something positive. Well, what I feel is a positive anyway. I was sent this today and thought I'd share. It helped me to regroup and remember that I too am to be a warrior. But I have to add it in the next blog..... *lol* The length is too long. Aho.

Have a great day and a most blessed holiday in case I don't post again before then.
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I like your positive! You are a warrior.
Posted 04-13-2013 at 11:36 PM by docat docat is offline
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