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The Warrior Part 2 .....

Posted 12-07-2007 at 02:44 AM by Mato Winyan
Humans hide behind their ego and intellect. They hide because they are afraid. The source of their fear is their lack of belief that they are one with all things. This unbelief fosters an illusion. The illusion drives them to fuel the chaos rather than to embrace the harmony. The warrior knows this about other people. The warrior has compassion on them for they are living in a false illusion. Therefore, the warrior is able to experience compassion even for the most perverse individual because the...
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The Warrior Part 1 .....

Posted 12-07-2007 at 02:41 AM by Mato Winyan
The Warrior - Part 1
The Way of the Warrior
by Joseph Byrne
Webster's defines a warrior as one engaged or experienced in warfare, or one engaged in some struggle or conflict. While the Native American understanding of the term includes one who is skilled and trained in physical combat, the term is also used to describe the person who has accepted the call to set aside their life for the purpose of returning things to a place of sacredness and harmony.
The warrior is one
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Mind ramblings

Posted 12-07-2007 at 02:37 AM by Mato Winyan
Most of you know I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my youngest daughter's son. Little Aydan Sky. He's due December 26th. I truly can't wait. The thought of new life coming into our midst is a bright shining hope and testimony as to why we do the things that we do. For our future generations.

In the midst of this joy it is becoming almost too overwhelming to me to be around negativity. Negativity of ANY sort. I just bristle when it comes around. That's a change for me, usually
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Yay!! First blog post....

Posted 11-16-2007 at 11:24 PM by Mato Winyan
Updated 11-17-2007 at 10:31 AM by Mato Winyan
I can't wait to see how this goes. I'm fairly new to this blog thing so I'm kind of excited here.

The only way I know how to blog is to just talk. Sometimes that can be good..... sometimes not so good because that can subject people to the ramblings of my inner mind. Scary... *lol*

Anyway... My current mood is really pretty lighthearted. believe me it has been hard over the last month anyway. Seems we've had one thing after another coming at us. Just when...
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