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The Warrior Part 1 .....

Posted 12-07-2007 at 02:41 AM by Mato Winyan
The Warrior - Part 1
The Way of the Warrior
by Joseph Byrne
Webster's defines a warrior as one engaged or experienced in warfare, or one engaged in some struggle or conflict. While the Native American understanding of the term includes one who is skilled and trained in physical combat, the term is also used to describe the person who has accepted the call to set aside their life for the purpose of returning things to a place of sacredness and harmony.
The warrior is one whose entire life is dedicated to helping the people. The warrior is one who is focused on walking in a sacred manner. The true warrior is one who lives an unselfish life, always ready, according to one elder, to stake him/herself down and take a stand in their fight to protect the People.
Every warrior immediately confronts the reality that we live in a world where walking in a sacred manner is a lost skill. All around us we find those with selfish intent. All around us are those who walk in the false illusion and do not understand what the warrior knows, that we are one with all things.
This lack of understanding about oneness causes people to do thing out of fear. Acting out of fear, the world around us is overwhelmed and reacts by doing harmful things to themselves, to others, and to their environment. This reality sets the stage for conflict. Upon this stage of conflict Great Spirit and Mother Earth have called warriors to stand their ground.
Every day in the warrior's life is a day facing the conflict. No warrior can walk through this world and not be faced with the painful reality that human's have strayed far off the path the creator intended them to follow. The warrior is the one who is determined to live life the way the creator intended. Due to the contrary nature of humans the warrior finds himself/herself in need of using the skills of the warrior in every encounter.
What a warrior does not do is important to point out. A warrior does not withdraw from the conflict, except for those periods of time when the warrior needs to renew strength. It would be easy for any of us to separate ourselves from the conflict and become a recluse. As a recluse we could enjoy the wonderful experience of being one with all things. There are those who do this, but they are not warriors, they serve another needed task. Not everyone is called to be a warrior.
The warrior's task is to be engaged in the conflict, to be around people who are contrary to the sacred path. By placing him/herself in encounters with others the warrior puts into use the warriors skills. Those skills are powerful and sacred. Their design is to combat against those things that fuel the state of chaos in which humanity lives.
Chaos does not breed peace. If the warrior were to withdraw from the struggle then humanity would breed more chaos. By placing him/herself into the midst of the conflict the warrior alters the outcome and renders sterile the seeds of further conflict.
The difficulty for the warrior is that the chaos is so prevalent that the warrior may labor a lifetime and not see world peace. What the warrior knows, however, is that his/her efforts have not been in vain. For by placing him/herself in the battlefield the warrior has altered the momentum and slowed the progress of chaos. By slowing the formidable flow of chaos the warrior is literally saving the human race from self-destruction.
The warrior knows his enemy as well as he/she knows themselves. The enemy is never the other person. The enemy is always the unbelief that drives the other person to do harmful and contradictory things. By keeping the mind pure from unbelief the warrior brings harmony into the spaces where unbelief reigns as master. Even if this presence of harmony in the midst of chaos does not affect things visibly, it has an affect on the spirit plane.
The warrior knows that hidden inside every person resides a spirit that yearns to follow the sacred ways of Great Spirit and Mother Earth. The warrior knows that even if the outward appearance seems unmoved by the presence of harmony that inwardly an encounter has been recognized. That awareness will grow. It cannot but grow, for it is the presence of the Creator within all things.
The warrior is ruthless about keeping unbelief out of his/her consciousness. The warrior masters this to the extent that unbelief is quickly recognized and dealt with. Warriors are courageous and resist the temptation to feel sorry for themselves and indulge in self-pity. Even though the warrior is surrounded by chaos and by those whose intent is destruction, the warrior resists taking it personally.
The warrior understands the nature of the deception from which others suffer. It is the nature of deception that the one under it's influence does not know they are deceived. The deceived person may propagate their deception with great fervor, but the warrior does not take personal offence. To become offended is to give away their power, and the warrior stands his/her ground and maintains peace and harmony in that space, for that presence of peace and harmony is the only thing that can alter the momentum of the chaos.
The warrior avoids verbal arguments knowing that inner silence, inner peace and inner harmony speak louder and with more power than any frivolous words. When the warrior speaks, he/she speaks with visible breath. He/she speaks with words of power, with words of truth. These are usually few words, and often to others it seems like the warrior has lost the conflict. But those visible breath words were heard on the level of the spirit, and on that level Great Spirit and Mother Earth will bring the hearer to a different level of consciousness. Once the visible breath words are spoken the warrior does not wrestle with them, but trust them to find their mark, to bring to life that which has been hidden within the person.

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Lakota_winyan's Avatar
This is sooooooo stand in your own truth and own that truth and even though people in chaos try to drag you down you will stand strong...I sooo needed this yesterday..but today is another day and another beginning...thanks for this..
Posted 07-10-2009 at 11:38 AM by Lakota_winyan Lakota_winyan is offline
docat's Avatar
This is very good!
Posted 04-13-2013 at 11:35 PM by docat docat is offline
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