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The Warrior Part 2 .....

Posted 12-07-2007 at 02:44 AM by Mato Winyan
Humans hide behind their ego and intellect. They hide because they are afraid. The source of their fear is their lack of belief that they are one with all things. This unbelief fosters an illusion. The illusion drives them to fuel the chaos rather than to embrace the harmony. The warrior knows this about other people. The warrior has compassion on them for they are living in a false illusion. Therefore, the warrior is able to experience compassion even for the most perverse individual because the warrior knows that it is the unbelief that has driven that person to those desperate levels. Because the warrior knows that unbelief is the enemy, he/she finds it possible to have compassion for anyone.
The warrior sees beyond the visible plane and knows that within every person is the presence of Great Spirit. The warrior understands the great mystery that we are all one, even though our eyes and ears suggest otherwise. Had any person living in chaos believed the great mystery they would have turned out differently. Others may accuse and boast over the punishment of a criminal, but the warrior remains silent. To turn against the person is to turn against Great Spirit and Mother Earth and to fall into the trap of the illusion. The warrior knows of the oneness of all things and does not allow contrary evidence to fool him/her.
The warrior knows how to communicate on a level beyond the level of language. When the warrior encounters a new person the warrior greets the inner spirit of the person on the spirit level. That inner recognition will grow and the warrior knows, even if the person is contrary, the person will evolve into a more perfect being simply because the inner spirit of that being has been recognized and reminded of the presence of peace and harmony.
The warrior knows the great mystery. The great mystery is that the two are one. Great Spirit and Mother Earth are one. The inner and the outer are one. That which is here and that which is over there are one. Despite appearances, oneness is the reality and separation is the illusion. So dominate is the illusion that reality has earned the term 'great mystery.' Outwardly many things do not seem one. Those who harm one another do not seem one. The great mystery is that all things are one. The hawk, the swoop and the hare are one. It is indeed a mystery, but the warrior knows reality and protects his/her space from the false illusion.
The warrior embraces patience. To strive to fix things with our intellectual efforts is to experience a lack of patience. The real power lies in the Spirit Realm, and the warrior knows that spirit works in mysterious ways. The warrior is not discouraged if they do not see outward signs of change, for the warrior knows that spirit is invisible, powerful and more capable than any visible means. The warrior does not strive, rather the warrior walks in a quiet and peaceful manner knowing that spirit is at work.
The warrior is well skilled in the realm of spirit. This does not mean the warrior does not perfect his/her physical skills, but that the warrior knows where the real power resides. When under attack from others the warrior does not rely on obvious defenses, but seeks the flow and energy of the moving of spirit. Once the warrior becomes aware of the flow of spirit the warrior flows with it, and by doing so becomes a participant in the solution rather than in the problem.
Human's eyes closed to their connection to spirit generations ago and the warrior is one who has chosen to help humans see again.
A warrior does not seek prominence. The warrior knows that outward recognition is not his/her goal. The warrior is engaged in a conflict which runs deeper than outward evidence. Because of this, the warrior is not fooled into thinking that prominence is evidence of their effectiveness. The warrior, at a gathering, can be seen doing the most menial tasks. Yet at the same time the warrior is able to be given honor. When the community decides to honor the warrior he/she do not feel it is they who is being honored, but the spirit of the warrior which is bigger than themselves. The spirit of the warrior is the intent of Great Spirit and Mother Earth to bring all things back into harmony. For the spirit of the warrior is universal, and all warriors find their strength from the same sources: Great Spirit and Mother Earth. When the warrior is being honored the warrior is accepting the honor in behalf of the spirit of the warrior rather than on his/her personal behalf.
The warrior maintains two levels of awareness. The warrior sees the visible and the invisible in every encounter. To see only one of the two is not to be a warrior. To see only the invisible is to be a recluse, and a warrior is not called to be a recluse. To see only the visible is to be fooled by the illusion, and the warrior refuses to let the illusion fool him/her. By seeing the two the warrior finds reality and is able to plant seeds of peace and harmony in the presence of those striving in the chaos.
In the end the warriors battle will be won. Until then humans will continue to experience the pain and destructiveness of their unbelief. Into this arena of conflict the warrior walks in a sacred manner.
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Lakota_winyan's Avatar
wow, that's a great analogy..just wished it happened that way more real life..
Posted 07-10-2009 at 11:32 AM by Lakota_winyan Lakota_winyan is offline
docat's Avatar
This is very nice.
Posted 04-13-2013 at 11:34 PM by docat docat is offline
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