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The best conversation you will ever have...

Posted 04-16-2013 at 02:39 PM by muskrat_skull
The other day I had a really great conversation. What made it great was that it was a heart to heart conversation with one of my favorite people, my youngest son.

We were always very close, but with time, families can grow into ruts, and conversations seem to follow the well-worn lines of "how was your day" and "fine". It's really important, no matter how old your children are, to take the time to really sit down and talk to them, even about things that are difficult to talk about. We may joke and tease to keep spirits up, but these things may be there, no matter how much we want to avoid them.

So it was good to really "check in" with my son. It took a little while for him to really open up, old habits are hard to break, and though we didn't like some of the things we had to discuss, it got done, and both of our hearts are lighter for it.
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docat's Avatar
Hey Skull! Glad you started a blog!!

I agree. So many times we get into ruts in relationships that we stop giving them our best.

If you remember when he was first born, you got his room ready for him. You made sure he had toys to help him develop well. You helped him with his ABC's and you were there when he scraped his knee and no one would do except his mama!

Of course, as time goes on, he changed and your relationship changed. Giving your best changed from doing things for him to simply BEING there for him.

Over time, I've seen this growth in my girls and it shocks me and it pains me to change into a mom who is just THERE when needed. So the two out of the nest, we call and are friends, but I realize, they really don't need me in any other capacity but to just be there for them.

Being a good mom was a lot more leg work in the old days. Today, it's less effort, but sometimes the greater effort is staying in the background and just being there for him. Perhaps one day when he becomes a dad, he will have to go through the same changes you had to go through.

I'm glad you finally started your blog! It's about time!
Posted 04-17-2013 at 11:11 AM by docat docat is offline
Tsalagi_Phoenix's Avatar
That's great you were able to have a good conversation with your son. I'm close to my mom and we always seem to find something to talk about, especially since we have the same interests.
Posted 04-17-2013 at 05:36 PM by Tsalagi_Phoenix Tsalagi_Phoenix is offline
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