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Ode to Wannabes

Posted 12-13-2007 at 12:48 AM by NorthofAda
I posted this on a thread in the forum, but I had so much fun with it I thought I'd add it to my blog.

After following a couple of threads about questionable Indian groups, the words to a classic heavy metal song came to mind. So, with apologies to Bon Jovi...

(To the tune of "You Give Love a Bad Name")

You claim you're an elder, a shaman, or chief.
You promise them membership, then give us grief.
You offer them sweats or an Indian name.
But you've got no bloodline to back up your claim.

Oh, you're a fantasy.
Oh, got no history.
Say what you will,
But I know what I see.

This isn't a tribe
It's an Inc.
You can't sell a culture or identity
You might fool some,
But you don't fool me.
You're just a friggin' wannabe!

The truth that I've learned can't be bought with a price.
Passed down by my fathers who paid with their lives.
Traditions unshaken with passage of time.
Not "Instant Indian" for $9.99.

Oh, got you on the run.
Oh, hunted down one by one.
We're not going to stop
'Til the battle is won.

So, put down your drum.
Remove your headdress, please.
Your dimestore feathers and jewelry.
Leave native ways to native folks like me.
We've got authentic genealogy.

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crazywolf's Avatar
Ah dude, I am having trouble remembering exactly how the melody and rhythm of that song go, yeah I know it. But that is well written! And a good laugh, Miigwetch
Posted 04-30-2008 at 11:56 PM by crazywolf crazywolf is offline
jingledressbeauty_46's Avatar
thats cool im having troulbe remembering how the song went too! that was an awesome song. Hugs and Laughs mizz navajo
Posted 05-07-2008 at 12:25 PM by jingledressbeauty_46 jingledressbeauty_46 is offline
docat's Avatar
This is quite good!
Posted 04-14-2013 at 12:26 AM by docat docat is offline
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