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Children and Professional Dance

Posted 06-10-2008 at 03:25 AM by timmy tiger
Updated 06-11-2008 at 10:43 AM by timmy tiger
Many people here know that I am very close to two of my nieces and one of my nephews.

Well the two girls have been taking dance classes for about 10-11 years now through a professional dance studio. They are both very good and I have attended every dance recital that they have ever been in and I have taken them to many of their classes and have even done the backstage mother thing for the last several years. It's been so good and rewarding to see them every June up on a stage showing off their talents and hard work.

The studio that they attend is run by a woman who is in her 70's, but she doesn't look a day over, maybe, 55 years old. This woman has danced with such people as: Gene Kelly, Gregory Hines, Mikal Berishnekov (I know I spelled that wrong), and Bob Hope and she has letter's on the walls of her studio from these people. She travels the country with her dance troop and they have won many competitions.

This year was the last year that my two girls will be dancing with this troop. My older one has moved on to another group that is supposed to be even more professional and her younger sister has decided that she doesn't wish to dance anymore. So this year was a really big deal for all of us.

Well, typical of anything that you do with kids it didn't go without it's hitches and hassels.LOL

It started off friday night when I got there to pick them up from their dress rehearsal and I was grabbed by the stage mother and told that my youngest niece needed to have a bra for her ballet outfit. The stage mother said that she didn't realize that my niece was that large there and that she was going to hurt Well, it just so happened that I had a strapless bra on, so we got out to my van and I pulled it off and handed it to my niece to wear.LOL She tried it on at home and though it was bigger around then she was the rest fit

Then came the night of the recital:

The night started off a mess to begin with, but it sure was comical.

I had to leave really early this time for it 'cause my nephew had a ball game and his grandmother was taking him to that and she didn't think that she would have time to get the girls. Well, my son and his g/f showed up and he informs me that I had to take my sister to her work first and then to get the kids. Well that's nuts 'cause her work is the opposite direction from the way we were going. So we left here, when we left we didn't have time to put the very back seat of the van back in so I only had the one bench seat and there were 6 of us. Well, we went to her work, then she called the girls and told them to have everything ready that we were on our way. We headed down there, there was an accident, so I had to go another way. We got there. My sister and my son had to move into the way back 'cause the girls couldn't sit on the floor, not with having to dance. My son went to move into the back and he about killed himself--with the van in park--he tripped over my sister's purse and camcorder on the floor and did some kind of wild flip that I'm not really sure of.

So we got the girls, they had everything (so I thought) I was pulling out of the driverway and asked and my one niece remembered that she didn't have their makeup case--so she had to run back to the house and get it. So then we were off. There were a couple of lights and I had 15 min to get the girls there.LOL I stopped at one of the lights and in my mirror this leg came straight up and hit the ceiling of my van--my son turned upside down in the back of the van when I stopped.LMAO I had to make a turn and then another light and I hear "Dang mom take it easy on me."LMAO He had then flown forward in the back of the van. He was flying all over the place on our

So we get there and drop the girls off. There grandmother was already there. We left, since we were so early, and I went and got gas and my sister needed some gum and stuff. We got back and got a great parking spot right infront of the building--it was awesome.

Then we saw my youngest niece and my sister went over to talk to her, then my son went over to see what was what. My son came running over--"Mom give me the keys to the van. I have to run to grandma's house to get the girls shoes." OMG--the oldest one had left her tap shoes at the house and told the younger one that she was taking her shoes and that if the younger one didn't have shoes that she couldn't dance in the kick line and they couldn't find their grandmother to tell her at all. So as my son was leaving my sister and his g/f decided to go and stand in the parking spot to save the spot for him--it was too late--as soon as he pulled out, someone else pulled in. When he got back he had to park in the overflow parking lot on the other side of the building. It's a walk, but not all that bad really, just not as nice as the first spot They got the shoes and all was good.LOL And we still hadn't seen their grandma, yet.
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stillrezin's Avatar
well its about time.

Posted 06-11-2008 at 12:09 PM by stillrezin stillrezin is offline
timmy tiger's Avatar
LOL--thanks alot. Not like it took me over 24 hours to figure it out.LMAO
Posted 06-11-2008 at 12:24 PM by timmy tiger timmy tiger is offline
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Posted 06-12-2008 at 03:13 AM by w30 w30 is offline
w30's Avatar
okay it worked !
Posted 06-12-2008 at 03:15 AM by w30 w30 is offline
Ann111's Avatar

Great Story !

You go too every recital? You're at every one? I loved the story about the practices, and the lost shoes. My Mom took tap lessons. I never took any myself. But I go to all of the girls shows. They have a talent show. My daughter, Gabrielle, danced for that with 2 other girls. They have lights, smoke machine, and stage with all the props. The other girls sang songs with a CD playing the music. I kept all the programs, and took pictures. I loved to see your pictures if you have any.
Posted 07-28-2008 at 11:01 AM by Ann111 Ann111 is offline
timmy tiger's Avatar
Thank you for the comment. I love my kids very very much and they all know it and so does everyone else around me too.LOL
Yes, I go to every recital that they have ever had in dance. My son has gone to all except one and he was really disappointed that he didn't get to that one.
I have everyone of their programs from the recitals too. I took them to most of their practices and the other parents and people at the dance studio all knew me very well.LOL
I didn't really take pictures, but their mother did of most of them and I think that she even got video tapes of some of them.
They are all very awesome kids.
Posted 07-28-2008 at 08:40 PM by timmy tiger timmy tiger is offline
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