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suzaleeny@live.com 06-05-2012 03:54 AM

Attn White People
I attempt not to judge by appearance, I have Filipino nieces and nephews, Mexican nieces and nephews. My 1st cousins removed was Samuel R. Riley, his wives were NiGoDiGeYu Doublehead and Gu Lu Sti Yu Doublehead a son Looney Riley married to Rachel Stewart. Samuel's father in law was Chief Chuqualataque Tu-ka-ho Doublehead, his father was Chief Willenawah Great Eagle...Samuel Riley was an interpreter and very respected man among the Cherokee. He left 640 Acres of prime Tennessee land to his son Looney Riley..Spelled Luney on the headstone, Looney in most court documents.. Looney complied with all aspects of the 1818-1819 treaty however he was still cheated out of his land read the transcripts at http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com.../0005page.html
I am not trying to pretend to be anyone other than a person looking for their ancestry.... I found my cousins... I will eventually find more of my background and will be proud... whatever it may be. A bunch of greedy crackers stole family land and I have relatives with the last name of Riley in the Oklahoma territories, check it for yourself... so that family story was true... I just wonder about the other part of my background no matter how watered down it is so, laugh it up.... personally, the story I uncovered brought me to tears. Burial:Riley Cemetery Nowata County Oklahoma, USA....


Originally Posted by AmigoKumeyaay (Post 1538963)
This plays out in BOTH directions at some, but not all powwows.

Way too many NON-Indians show up like it is Halloween, and they want to play Native. Fake Native. The real Natives have every right to engage these persons...diplomatically...or IN THEIR FACE.

Now, the other end of this is Judgemental behavior, where certain persons will behave not so diplomatic. Not always fair, but after decades of Rejection by mainstream society, the powwow can be perfect setting for "payback" especially if on a Rez. Not everybody Plays Well With Others,

This is your TIMEX time, just take the licks and keep on ticking. Only people who know of your background, and are willing to accept you into their circle, will give you respect.

Most people will judge by appearance, such is life in USA, the home of racial strife. After the powwow, you remember the drums, and singing, take that on your path. Anything else not worth carrying.

suzaleeny@live.com 06-05-2012 04:11 AM

From Casper the friendly ghost
Not much to say, I am still gonna burn in a direct hot sun in about 15 minutes, Just Sayin!


Originally Posted by neling4 (Post 1433896)
I think we were just trying to inject a little humor into the conversation.

Here is the original post. Now we can get back on course:

suzaleeny@live.com 06-05-2012 04:30 AM

Spelling on the person co granville marriage cert.
It is clearly Bolling..... very clearly written, does not match the signature of the clerk or witnesses... I don't know who I am yet, at least not on this line, not with that tangled name (they all had to name there sons the same thanks)....however the Riley side I have no doubt... straight male line into Cavan, Look up East Briefne....that same Riley blood flows in the veins of the Cherokee Riley's in Nowaton OK territories. OK, I will try not to be so serious. But I want the Story of Samuel Riley, his Son, his children and how the land in Tennessee that Samuel left him was stolen, I have read the court transcripts. And the story of Samuel's wives and her father and grandfathers. Samuel R. Riley Jr. 1747 1819 father in law was Chief Chuqualataque Tu-ka-ho Doublehead http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com.../0005page.html


Originally Posted by suzaleeny@live.com (Post 1538946)
Sounds like someone seriously tipped over your Cheerios. I am here to listen fist, learn and understand.... my skin is white...so white I burn in 15 minutes in the sun, eyes green, hair blond... but I have roots(not my hair) that I respect. Please do not lump all people who look white as being the same... I do research, genealogy and that is how I got here. I would agree I am pigmently challenged, but the heart it good, peace.


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