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Indian trail powwow

Breast Pump Review: Spectra S1 vs. S2 Comparison

If you are a mom needing some extra help to feed your baby properly goes to the store, it is very likely that you have heard about breast pumps before, and have been recommended the Spectra S1 or S2 at some point. It is a good sign, it simply means that the Spectra S1 and S2 are good quality breast pumps that are worth recommending. But at the same time, there are many moms out there who find it difficult to tell the Spectra S1 and S2 apart. How frustrating!

✓✓✓ See Also: Breast Pump Comparison - Best Rated Breast Pump

Relax, while they are indeed very similar to each other, the differences between them might be easier to differentiate than you might think. Yes, we are telling you the truth! And although reading online breast pump reviews might help, below here we are going to break down to you the main differences between the Spectra S1 and S2. Let’s get started!

The key differences…

The main difference between the Spectra S1 and the Spectra S2 is that the Spectra S1 is equipped with a built-in battery. This battery can last for up to 3 hours before having to be recharged, making the the Spectra S1 is highly more portable than the Spectra S2. You do not need to be on the watch for power outlets every time you need to breast pump with the Spectra S1, unlike the Spectra S2.

Of course with an extra feature being built in, you can easily expect that the price tag for the Spectra S1 is more expensive than the Spectra S2. But do not fret! The difference in price is only slightly noticeable, and not out of the affordability range yet. On average, the main difference between these 2 breast pumps should still be the built-in portable battery that the Spectra S1 comes equipped with.

To give the Spectra S1 a downside, even though the built-in battery and portability make the breast pump extremely convenient seemingly, the battery also makes the Spectra S1 breast pump noticeably heavier than the Spectra S2. Hence why the Spectra S1 breast pump could be not as convenient as you might think, especially to moms who constantly have to watch over their baby.

An advantage to both breast pumps is that they both use closed pumping system. This pumping technique allows both of the breast pumps to be able to guarantee the sanitization quality of the milk produced, by ensuring the milk is protected completely from harmful contaminants such as dust, mold and bacteria.

In fact, the clean level is so guaranteed, that another advantage to having closed pumping system is that you can resell the breast pump to another mom in need once you do not have any further need for the machine. Most moms who are looking for second-hand breast pumps on the market are only looking for breast pumps which use a closed pumping system. And with these being recommended among the Best Rated Breast Pump , it is not hard to find a second-hand buyer for them.


Ultimately, the differences between the breast pumps are only slightly, and it only comes down to the central question of whether you are willing to pay slightly more for some extra convenience or not. And whether you choose the Spectra S1 or the Spectra S2, you can always be assured that the quality that these breast pumps possess is the Breast Pump Comparison for working moms. Happy baby feeding

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