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notly1988 08-01-2018 01:13 AM

Old School womens costumes vs New Order style
I took a number of years away from the powwow circuit while building my life and career in the white world and upon return I have noticed to some discomfort the many changes in the dress of my tribe. For women gone are the traditional old school shawls (with intricately woven fringes and heavier fabric) and the simpler yet beautiful cloth dresses replaced by the shiny almost disco like fabric that is so thin it is almost see through. The 'beaded collar' some wear now also were not part of Lakota womens wear from years past.

The reason I am asking is my niece is now seriously interested in jingle dancing and is rather talented at it, following other older women family members in both their brand of dancing talent and in their talent to assemble beautiful and traditional outfits.

Since my niece is of a young age now and my mother is in her 70s and is comfortable with the old school looks there is some conflict on what is appropriate for her to represent our family vs what is being worn by others in her age and dance grouping. I would like to work with her to assemble a new outfit but my mom is dictating what was traditional in her view and my niece wants to fit in not only with her peers and look as they do. Since she is seeking to enter contest dancing this year, I would like to help her to have her outfit ready by this summer, so decisions need to be made soon so as to be ready for this years round.

So my ? is, is it acceptable to mix both styles and still be qualified for contests while at the same time representing what my mom would like to see, She is onboard with jingle dress, which was NOT a part of womens wear when I was involved in the 80s early 90s. I really do not like the way all that synthetic shiny material looks and love the look of a nicely done and fringed shawl and traditional beadwork.

WHEN did this all change and how did we get to change to a outlook of 'whatever you feel like wearing mentality? Are costumes judged in contests as well as I would hate to see her deemed ineligible while her dancing talent is mighty impressive if judged solely on that criteria.,

Yet another change in tribal tradition that just does not seem right.....

Opinions from those who realize the difference made in the last 15 - 20 years and how do you feel about what is right and what is considered wrong.

namarang 09-27-2020 01:30 PM

I think you can design a special and unique type of clothing with a combination of modern and traditional clothes to perform better and stronger in the competition. In terms of dance, if you mix several songs and perform different dances, you can better attract the opinion of the judges.

wanjica_the_one 10-01-2020 04:35 PM

This "New Order Style" has been around since 2002 so that is now old news. You would be safe to embellish both you and your mother's style.

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