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fly_high_life 06-01-2009 11:23 PM

sum tips on hand drum making
So I'm a singer making a hand drum for round dance, and I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to help me with tips for lacing the drum and making the handle? Techniques? Things to avoid? Are "tuning strings" used to scratch? If so, how do you make 'em and use 'em? Should I drill holes in the frame to attach the hide? Also, do I need to stretch the rawhide (deer) before I get ready to put it on the frame?

I want to make a proper traditional hand drum. I've read a couple methods and seen some "kits," but I wanna get the info straight from the Native people who know what they're talking about. Maybe somebody out in Cree country can help me out?? :wink_smil

I know that's a whole lotttaaalotta questions, but this is the first time ever for me to make a hand drum so ANY advice would be appreciated!!

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