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powwowbum49 06-12-2003 02:27 AM

Yes, I said the 'F' word
Well, we often get threads in here asking what you are working on but let's see what we have all gotten finished. Yes, I said the 'F' word, but we all know some of those 100 projects we have going at once have to get done at some time so let see them if you can post a pic. If you can't post a pic then feel free to describe your latest completed works.

powwowbum49 06-12-2003 02:33 AM

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My wife and I have been getting the kids dance clothes together and I will have pics of lots of the pieces (as well as the kids in thier complete outfits), but until then here are the boot I just got done for my 2 1/2 year old daughter. They are about a kids size 7-8 and made of commercail tanned hides with Czech beads and silver spots.

powwowbum49 06-12-2003 02:42 AM

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Here is a roach I just finished tonight for a Kiowa bud of mine. It is made of blonde porky hair with clipped striping in front and lightning bolt design base.

Blackbear 06-12-2003 02:51 AM

sWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Well I'll post mine tomorrow when it is finished... but I posted a couple in the gallery I finished over the weekend if anyone's intersted.

OLChemist 06-12-2003 07:58 AM

Oh very nice work!

Singing Eagle 06-12-2003 11:22 AM

Wow!!!!!nice work

spottedeagle 06-12-2003 12:29 PM

Very nice work PWB 49

I posted pics of my wifes belt and barrette in the gallery about a month ago. I'm working on a design now for my belt. I'll have to post some pics here once I get it finished.

powwowbum49 06-12-2003 05:15 PM

Thanks all, but I want to see your works too. I checked out the gallery last night and saw Chemists doll that I hadn't seen yet and I have too say it is just toooo keen. I also saw Blackbears latest beading that is looking top notch as always.

Maybe folks can post links to some of those newly finished items that are in the gallery, cause lord knows it took my 24k bps connection forever to go throught the gallery.

spottedeagle 06-12-2003 07:21 PM

OK here are the links for my stuff.....All finished in the last month

#1 My wife's belt and barette:

I've also finished sewing together a set of leggings and aprons, not beaded yet.

Blackbear 06-13-2003 03:23 AM

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Okie dokie.. brace yourself now... done in mostly 13 cuts with 12-3 cuts for edging.. some size 10 and five beautiful glass beads.. I love the colors on this one and it sparkles rather nice in the light!

spottedeagle 06-13-2003 09:29 AM

:JawDrop :JawDrop :JawDrop Dang :JawDrop :JawDrop :JawDrop

THAT'S PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAROONDANCER 06-15-2003 03:51 PM

aaaaaaaahh not that good
Okay ,I don't have a camera to do this but . I just finished my new roach the first one I did was a horrible failure. Any way it is a Horsehair roach and it has two rows of deer hair and I am very proud of . When I can borrow a camera from my friend I'll get you a picture maybe I can get a few suggestions


powwowbum49 06-19-2003 11:55 PM

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Here is my daughter in her complete outfit...she just had a bit too much fun! My wife (inuvialuk) made the blouse, skirt and shawl (not shown, but the same design as the skirt).

powwowbum49 06-19-2003 11:58 PM

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This is the hairpiece I made for my daughter that can't be seen in photo.

powwowbum49 06-20-2003 12:03 AM

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We didn't get a good pic of my son but here is his Straight dance apron and trailer. I made the design and my wife and I both did the sewing on it.

OLChemist 06-20-2003 12:08 AM

Nice work folks!

PB49: What is on the base of the scissortail feathers, thread or quills? (I can't tell from the pic)


powwowbum49 06-20-2003 12:22 AM

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The base of those feathers are thread wrapped, though they are not actually scissortails. They were made to look like scissortails but they are Blue eared pheasant that was just creatively cut...so to speak! It was an experiment to see if I could get them to look like scissortails, but were completely legal to sell. I guess it worked...LOL!

Here is another pic of a pair of scalp feathers I made quite a while back and this pair is wrapped with quills at the base. Just to show folks what you are talking about. These feather are also another of those experiments. They are completely legal for sale also...they are peacock lifter feathers.

Aint creative clipping great!!!

wyo_rose 06-20-2003 03:03 PM

Yay!! I got a shawl done!:D One down, 5 to go.

Emmy 06-20-2003 03:19 PM

i finally finished my dress and apron. will be done with the moccs & leggins tonight.

LummiGirl 06-20-2003 03:29 PM

I finished my 8th key chain last night. Whew. It may not sound like a big deal, but the beadwork alone on these little suckers takes me about 5 hours. :)

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