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* Cetan Zi * 06-28-2006 10:38 AM


wyo_rose 06-28-2006 11:30 AM


* Cetan Zi * 06-28-2006 12:38 PM

hi wyo..

thanks for posting

and congrats again on ur degree!!!

White Eagle 06-28-2006 08:38 PM

Hello all again! :hello: :hello: :hello:

What's up? :shades_sm

I just got home from food store and reading forums.

I have nothing to do around my house but I keep making Native American crafts and more sometime this week when I was bored. http://www.powwows.com/gathering/ima...ons/icon10.gif

White Eagle 06-28-2006 08:53 PM

I had a good spent time with Houston Cherokees all day last Saturday and I had a great singed and drummed with Cherokee tribes.

Here's a picture of me (back and left side with white chair) with Cherokee tribes and a mixed blooded white/Cherokee on the right side (back) But he knows more about Cherokees, culture and more info.


There's more information, I don't know more to saying but my mother White_Feather helped me to posted to let our members know what's out there.

Here's my mother wrote:

"Hi Everybody:

White Eagle and I had a great weekend last week. We went to the gathering at the Triplett Ranch in Santa Fe. It was a wonderful experience for both of us. There were so many nice people, and I’m embarrassed because I cannot remember all the names and I don’t want to loose contact with them.

When we arrived, there were several people sitting on blankets under a big tree. The land is beautiful with its trees and pond. You will have to excuse me if I am wrong on the names of some of the things we made, or any part of a ceremony that was performed. We made “prayer feathers” and hung them in the trees all around the back property. We each made three. One was for personal prayer and I cannot remember what the other two were for, so I won’t try to guess.

Oh yes, before we made the prayer feathers, we passed a small bowl of smoking sage and herbs (not sure) around for each person to wave the smoke over them. I think this is for protection, but I’m not sure. I’m very embarrassed that I don’t know the traditions yet, but I’m just now beginning to learn. It is so interesting and is so spiritual.

Then we passed a peace pipe around the circle. I felt so attached to everyone present and to the nature around me.

Next we made “medicine robes” and proceeded to the “medicine wheel” for a ceremony that I definitely wan to learn about.

We had a potluck lunch and rested under the trees. THEN came the brothers with the huge drum. It was wonderful to hear them singing and all 4 of them beating the drum at one time. Then the real good feeling came when they invited White Eagle to play the drum with them. He was so happy and he really did a good job.

We had such a wonderful day and we hope to gather again with these wonderful, peaceful people.

Thank you for the day.

White Feather (Beverly)"

They told me they'll going to by Lake Conroe, TX by next month and meeting Cherokee people, pow wow, craft booths, food and more fun!

They let me staying the night with them for free rent in by Lake Conroe, TX, that was very nice to me and I thanked to them. My parents need to rent Hotel because they're too old staying outside hot day and sleeping in tent at night, LOL!

I hope I got many Native American stuff up there!!!!!

bahnisiain 06-28-2006 09:25 PM

i am sooo bored!!!! i have not been on a date in god knows how long!!! :sad_smile

Ginger 06-28-2006 11:46 PM

My son is running around talking in smurf

* Cetan Zi * 06-29-2006 01:29 AM

did he have a smurfie day?

Ginger 06-29-2006 01:41 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Smurf Yeah!!!

White Eagle 06-29-2006 02:46 AM

Nice photo. http://www.powwows.com/gathering/ima...ons/icon10.gif

I remember that when I watched Smurfs in the mild 80's.

I like Smurfs, :partyhat:

White Eagle 06-29-2006 03:14 AM


Originally Posted by * Cetan Zi *

What's that does means? :lol:

How about that? :partyhat:

"staffin de hali la definety wollian si fanaliton quien aresonal jermite de rantination tirey kellstafin wowa"

I just gibberish :hysterica

* Cetan Zi * 06-29-2006 11:53 AM

just posted somethign in the anything thread...lol...

just dont mean anything, just something...lol..

Ndnsoldierboy 06-30-2006 09:42 PM

and Ndnsoldierboy posting in Centan Zi's thread...posting anything...:razz:

White Eagle 06-30-2006 09:58 PM

ANYTHING!!!!!!!!! :lol:

I just got home from theater, I watched Superman Return, it's pretty good and I bought crafts from Hobby Lobby store for my Cherokee stuff. :indian_br

Ginger 06-30-2006 11:11 PM

I saw Super man also, my hubby is such a mush that he got all misty when he read the deidacation

White Eagle 07-03-2006 03:25 PM

Yeah, Ginger.

Hello all,

What's up today? :smile:

Outside in Southeast, TX have been raining all day for 3 days. :sad_smile

But, it's good for the plants and trees.

stillrezin 07-06-2006 02:45 PM


Singing Otter 07-06-2006 08:22 PM


* Cetan Zi * 07-06-2006 08:32 PM

well.. hows your day...
good i hope..
here good.

Singing Otter 07-06-2006 09:36 PM

Good to hear it! It's going pretty good here. Winding down after a long day. Waiting for my chicken pot pie to get done :tounge_sm *drool*

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