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    Indian Genealogy assistance

    Hello All!

    I saw a lot of people looking for help with their Indian Genealogy research and thought I would post my info if anyone wants to contact me or has any questions.

    I am a professional Indian Genealogist/Historian with over 30 years experience specializing in The Five Civilized Tribes-CHEROKEE,CHOCTAW,CHICKASAW,CREEK and SEMINOLE and can help with most other Tribes as well. I can answer any questions you might have.
    Have a great day! :-)
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      Hello Dee,

      I hope you can answer questions here, because you cannot advertise your professional (and by professional, I assume you mean for a fee) services in the forums.

      Please visit our Trading Post to post an advertisement, if you wish, at

      Thank you!
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        1885-1940 Indian Census Microfiche Reels

        Last year my sister asked me to research & document our NDN family genealogy to provide independent & published verifiable proof of our family tree ancestry.

        This wasn’t about figuring out if we are NDN or blood quantum….our family ancestry is known within our tribe back 5 generations from me on my grandmother’s side into the early 1800’s & 7 generations on my grandfather’s side back to when birth dates were estimated or had no dates.

        This effort was to find out about a relative that no one had talked about while we were growing up & someone who my sister & I never knew existed. This was to satisfy NAGPRA rules and to prove we are direct lineal descendants in order to repatriate sacred objects & cultural patrimony for which our relative had been given the responsibility to be a caretaker of on behalf of the tribe. These items should not have been dispossessed from our tribe. This relative had no right to sell these items as they were entrusted to him & were not his property; rather these sacred objects were for the benefit of our tribe.

        As an aside, the collector was Alanson Skinner for the American Museum of Natural History in the early 1900s. The things that Skinner did were terrible. Members of our tribe gave him the nickname of “The Weasel” at some point; I was sickened to read his own notes boasting of his unscrupulous tactics and how he took advantage of and exploited Indian people.

        So, anyway, I don’t know if this can help anyone else out, but I thought I would post this in case it does. In my digging around I found this link:

        This website contains the microfilm records from the National Archives for American Indian Census(es) that were done from 1885-1940s. I found going through these reels really interesting!

        You can scroll down the list, find your tribe or the Indian Agency that was assigned to your tribe, open up a reel & start perusing. It’s great that this info is free & you don’t have to pay those Mormons to access it. Thanks to Donslist!


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          Originally posted by MayChe View Post
          I have an subscription and I don't mind checking the Indian Census for anyone that wants to know.
          If you still have a subscription, could you please check for one of my great-grandmothers? Her married name was:

          Elizabeth Keziah Basse

          She might be listed under her maiden name which was:

          Elizabeth Keziah Tucker

          or perhaps Elizabeth Tucker Basse or Elizabeth Basse

          I believe she was Nansemond Indian and I had wanted to do some more research on her. I think her father was Chief Robin Tucker.

          Thank you kindly :)


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            Originally posted by neling4 View Post
            I think I have gone as far as I can on the paper trail, until or unless I come across some new information.

            Some documents I cannot access. I would have to pay a monthly fee for the site, and that is something we can't afford right now.

            Sometimes libraries will offer access to certain paid sites to their patrons, but you have to be in the actual building to use them, using their computers. If I ever get a break from the confusion our lives are in right now, I will pay a visit armed with all the information I have gathered so far.

            I think I will order that book you suggested, as a birthday present to myself.
            if u have any good books let me know thank u


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              I am a direct descendant of Zilpha Horner from New Jeresy. She was Deleware Lenapi, not Cherokee.

              I have been testing my DNA for 10 years. I come up over 3% Indigenous American every time. It this aligns with how far back Zilpha is in my tree almost perfectly. I have also confirmed her as an ancestor through triangulation.

              Also I do have some pictures of her grandchildren. My Great great grandfather as well as my grandmother.


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                Zilpha B Horner
                I am also a descendant of Zilpha B Horner. She is my 5th great grandmother through her daughter Eunice Horner Phillips. my line from Zilpha to me is as follows

                mother of
                Eunice Horner (1796-)
                mother of
                Zelphia Jane Phillips(1826-1889)
                mother of
                Elyphlet Lambes (1861-1929)
                father of
                Lorena Mae Dies (1885-1956)
                mother of
                Margaret Dies 1918-2004) (my grandmother)
                mother of
                Raymond Franklin Hoy (1946-2017)(my father)
                father of
                Betty Jo Hoy married Pozzini (me)

                I have been trying to find information on Zilpha for at least 20 some years . I ran my DNA test to yours and it says we are not a match. But I am very interested in more information about Zilpha . I have 90 dna matches to Zilpha through . I have traced this family line back so I have a paper trail also with a few census ect .
                But Zilpha is still a mystery to me .
                My Dna tests are through Family Tree Dna which is T708157 and Ancestry which is A259666.
                Any help would greatly be appreciated.
                Thank you


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