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trying to find my baby brother

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  • roberta Duckhead
    started a topic trying to find my baby brother

    trying to find my baby brother

    my name is mother was Esther Duckhead and my father name was robert kittson. all together there was 8 children. most of us were adopted out. I have been looking for the youngest his name is George James
    Morris. His bio father name is James Morris. James was convicted of murdering our mother, esther, he served time in boise penetary for 8 years. I tryed to contact him but he has returned all my letters and does not want to talk to me. my baby brother george needs to come home. He is not enrolled in the blackfeet tribe and they also want to find him also. I have looked in all the family records and looked up any information about him and i still keep running into brick walls. I know in my heart that he is out there and I have been looking for him for the past 20 years. I dont have no pictures of him and I do know he was put up for adoption but the records are seal. and I dont have the money for a lawyer to have the record unseal. I am getting old and if any one out there in the world can hear my plea. please if anyone knows anything about him please you can email me at this address. [email protected] thank you

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