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Maybe someone here can help me?

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  • Maybe someone here can help me?

    Hi, I am what most would call a paper Indian- I am enrolled in a tribe with 1/4 blood quantum but really have no native culture. The rest is white mutt, though we aren't really sure, but thats another story. My dad (1/2 quantum- all one tribe), lived on the reservation until 6, and returned on and off since then. I have never been to the reservation (though some of my siblings have been). My dad has done his best to instill something in us, but most of it is overarching to all natives and not just the tribe.

    Anyways, currently my only real contact to the tribe is my dad- who is pretty ill. I have talked to several cousins on the reservation to attempt to learn more- but they always suggest I come and visit (I really do want to, but money and school always conflict). Also, they are older than my dad, and I am afraid in a few years I may no longer have the opportunity.

    I have tried various Native groups in college, and while they have been nice and friendly I have found often the members know less than me. And really, I want to learn about my tribe.

    So, I was wondering if maybe there was anyone on these forums in the Sac and Fox Nation of Oklahoma who would be willing to converse with me - allow me to pick their brains, and ensure that everything "I think I know" is correct. Also, for others, please feel free to teach me something- or just let me know it is too late.

    Thanks for reading, hope this doesn't irritate anyone.

    I wasn't too sure where to post this, hope this was a good place- most have seemed nice in the replies to others.

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    It is funney i was raised at a reservation in Ontario . I also am 1/4 Ojibway but had severel issues with prejudism from Ntive & whites lso . It wsnt kool to be Indin t the time > . I hve trveled ll over the US & Cnda Caanada ( sorry my backspace dosent work ) but 1 thing i can tell you is that the humor of all the tribes are the same we are a happy people who deal with any probs with humor also alot of the beliefs are very similar ,good luck with your search & ll the best with your father Brad


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      Sorry to hear about your dad, Sonzo. I would suggest that if you have found out all you can from him, that you go see the family on the rez. If you lose the opportunity to speak with them, you can never get it back and you will regret that one day. If you can't go see them, call them. Good luck.
      Take nothing for granted. Life can change irrevocably in a heartbeat.

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