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  • govt name change

    in order for my grgrfather to get land in oklahoma .they gave him a president name .my question is where do i look for his real name ? he was creek thomas jefferson was name given him thank you

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    Was anything recorded on the tribal enrollment? Church and school records may have it too. I found out some years ago that when my great-aunt went to Carlisle, they took the time to record her real name/aka indian name. Also check with your tribe's historian.


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      At on some of the early reservation censuses from this reservation, they listed their Indian name AND their "given" name. is what it is...


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        Originally posted by bstill View Post
        in order for my grgrfather to get land in oklahoma .they gave him a president name .my question is where do i look for his real name ? he was creek thomas jefferson was name given him thank you
        Names were not given in order to recieve land

        They merely recorded what name they were told by the person themselves that matched what they gave when they were recorded with the tribe.

        The 1900 census in Oklahoma showed for the 1st time Indians on what is called the Indian Schedule, it lists the english name or what they were known by and at the bottom of the sheet it will list their Indian name if they had one...

        A quick look up I found a Thomas Jefferson born 1880 Indian Territory Creek Nation Township 14 he was living with his Grandparents Manuel and Jane Jefferson in 1900 he was age 20. He is the only Thomas I could find I did find him again livin in the same location in 1910,1920,1930 and 1940. He is not listed on the Indian Schedule
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          govt changed name

          thank you all for help especialy you sir josiah . i guess because my grandmother was born on reservation her dad is on dawes record doesn't make her indian . wow am i ever confused . i sincerily thank all of you for responding


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            i am reminded of bugs bunny as he said to daffy what a maroon haha in my case i guess it fits . my grmother cora lee matlock was born on resrvation unknown -her mother effie owens was born on resrvation unknown which resrvation in oklahoma . i was searching i guess in wrong direction . i will continue on my search . thank you good ppl for your help so far


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