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English & Kemp families of Monroe county, Alabama

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  • English & Kemp families of Monroe county, Alabama

    I am new to I have been recommended to ask my question via this site by a friend of mine. I am a 26 year old multi-racial adoptee from Michigan {though I was born in Pennsylvania}. I'm not interested in monetary gain or tribal enrollment, I am merely researching my heritage. I have been searching for the specific identity of my Native American ancestry since my high school days and this is the closest I've gotten so far so please let me explain:

    I am, through my biological father, related to the English and Kemp families of Mount Pleasant, Monroe, Alabama. I've found Thomas C. English and his possible wife {mother of his children, at least}, named Silvey. Thomas C. English was the son of Louisa Kemp {born around 1805} and unknown man, surname English.

    I have good reason to suspect this connection is Native American. First, there is DNA evidence; though not definite or perfect, I share this segment from the Kemp/English line that is genetically very Native American with several other people who have the same English/Kemp line {they descend from Thomas C. English and Silvey as well}.

    Secondly, there is proximity. These people lived in Mount Pleasant, which was described as a mixed Creek and Cherokee community. Plus, many of their neighbors are listed as "Indian" on census records. My English/Kemp relatives however, were listed as "Black", so perhaps they were freedmen or mixed-bloods.

    If anyone here is knowledgeable on the these families, Mount Pleasant or anything related to this question and would be willing to share with me, that would be most appreciated. I would like to know which tribal affiliation they could have possibly come from. However, let me reiterate I am NOT doing this for financial gain or enrollment. I have had a life-long curiosity with genealogy and the many diverse Native cultures on this continent. My heritage means more to me than money personally. I hope this is understood.

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