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  • Billy McClellan Sr.

    Billy McClellan Sr. of Pawnee, Oklahoma passed away from a heart attack on Thursday, September 2, 2003. He is best known as a World Champion Fancy Dancer, bustlemaker and his involvement in the Native American Church.

    Strode Funeral Home of Stillwater/Perkins OK will be in charge of funeral arrangements.

    Please pray for his children and the rest of his family.

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    WhoMe, can you post the arrangements if you find out about them? I know several people up this way that would like to make the trip to pay their respects. He was a good man and well respected dancer. thanks.


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      WhoMe.... thank you for the note. I remember him when we were kids...... then married to Lilly Littlesun. He was a great fancy dancer back in the day and a nice guy.
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        Man I hate to hear that. My prayers to the family.

        Mussy by birth.....Native by the Grace of God.......


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          My prayers go to his family.


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            Prayers to the family...lots of goot thoughts coming their way
            "finding your best friend in life and love is glorious"


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              thanks for the prayers...i'll pass it along to my family....bill is my uncle (dads brother) and we are taking it hard because he was a good man and he will be missed greatly....if you want to pay your respects, he is at the Perkins the powwow grounds
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                May many prayers and blessings be sent to the family during their loss of their son,father,brother,uncle.

                I have read through many posts....only a few times have I noticed Billy McClellans' name posted for fav fancy dancer.
                That tells me the age of some of the people posting.

                Back in the 80's, Billy was KING. Couldnt be beat. Billy traveled to powwows before it was considered cool.

                For example, if everyone had the internet back then......Billy McClellans' name would be on everyones "fav fancy dancer" posts, just like spike and rg's name is now.

                If you dont have Billys NAC church cd' and get one

                During the time he lived in Pawnee, Billy always had his home opened for anyone, who was traveling through tired or needing a place to clean up. He had a fireplace for meetings there too, and anyone was welcome.

                As his children grew up and had their own families, Billy moved to Agra to be close to his father. And the same rules applied......Anyone Welcome.

                If you ever visited Billy at his home, you would notice behind all the many, many, many, trophies he has won throughout the USA/CANADA, that he had a Degree in Drafting, from OSU TECH. But chose to live a traditional life and humbled himself.

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                  uncle bills peyote meeting is on sunday and funeral monday...if you need any info please contact [email protected]
                  Death: The pain passes but the beauty remains.


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                    From our family to yours, sorry for the loss; he was and always a great fancy dancer. Prayers to the the ones who loved him the most. The Leitka Family.


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                      OMG - I've been gone for awhile, I've known Billy for alot of years - he was a good man and a really supportive friend. He'll be greatly missed....
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                        My heart goes out to the family, and is especially with his wife, Marilyn, at this time...Prayers for the many relatives Billy left behind..he will be sorely missed by all...
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                          Heartfelt sympathy to the McClellan family. Billy played an important role in our Indian World and was a role model to all fancy dancers. His memory will be cherished. At our powwow on Oct. 16th and 17th, the fancy dance competition will be dedicated to Billy McClellan, Sr. Our prayers are with the Billy McClellan family.
                          From the Ira Kaulay Family of Checotah


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                            He was A good man........

                            Yes, Bill was funny man, and a good uncle to us kids. He was always willing to make the people around him laugh and feel good. I will miss him and I am proud as always to call him my uncle.


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                              I'm sorry I did'nt know Mr. McClennan, but I would like to extend my deepest condolescences to his family in their time of loss and grief. May he Rest in Peace!

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