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    Many of you from Oklahoma, especially the Tulsa area know who Terry Adams is. Terry passed away yesterday. I don't have any more information and for that I am sorry. He was my husband's uncle, and the son of Harry and Marie Adams. Harry started IICOT and Terry carried on in his place. He helped organize many charitable events in his area. He's going to be a much missed person. I only met him once for the week we went to see my husband's family but he left a wonderful impression on me and his grandniece. He and his family treated me immediatly like a member of the family and made me feel welcome.
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    Terry was a good friend to me and my mother. We will miss him and are so shocked by the messages I recieved today telling me about his passing. The powwow world has lost a great friend. Terry you will be missed, but you will always be in our hearts. I also ask that people pray for his wife and kids, they need all the help that god can give them...
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      I am sorry for the loss to your family Blackbear. My prayers go out to all of you.


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        Sorry to hear about this. I met Terry a few times in Tulsa....the last time, I think was at the Tulsa Centennial Celebration Powwow, which, was like in 97 or something.

        My condolensces to the family.
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          my friend

          I just returned from Tulsa, about 5 hr trip. Terry will be remembered for the rest of our lives. Terry was my friend and brother, he roached my oldest son.

          There was standing room only at the home for the sunrise memorial and in the Temple. He was sent in the right way, as an Osage. Mr. Archie Mason assisted Terry and the family in his journey. He had many many good things to say.

          Terry, is now well and ready to travel. Have a good trip my friend.

          Please, remember his family in all of your thoughts.


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            Thanks to you all....

            My Uncle was one of the best people I have ever known or will ever know in my life. He left a memorable impression on everyone he came in contact with and made sure to make a new friend whenever possible. Through his work with the Shrine and IICOT he was able to help a lot of people, if only by making them smile. His generosity will be missed, but not lost it will be carried on his kids, nieces and nephews.

            Kids loved him, mostly because he was a big kid himself. At one point my favorite memory was of him taking me for a "buzz" cut as a punishment, later on he made it ok by taking me to get some butch wax so it would look "cool". That memory was replaced during our last visit to Ok watching my daughter sit in his lap and grin while he sang her "Hakuna Matata". Seeing her smile, remided me what I must have looked like about her age when he played with me.

            Your journey has begun, peaceful travels Uncle.

            For those that want to know a little more about Uncle Terry and some of his work...

            Thanks for the sentiment everyone, and continue to send good thoughts to the rest of the family.
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