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  • Roderick Reed Slim RIP

    On Monday morning June 20, 2005, Roderick Reed Slim of Red Mesa, Utah passed away in a car accident in Saskatchewan, Canada. He was 16 years old. Roderick was Bitahnii, born for Tsinijinnie, his materal clan was Kinlichiinii and his paternal clan was Tabaahi. He ws the son of Kenneth and Colleen Slim, grandson of Franklin Warren Sr. and the late Gladys Warren of Red Mesa, Utah, and Jack and Bessie Slim of Cedar Ridge, Arizona. Roderick complete the 10th grade at Red Mesa High School. He was an outstanding athlete. He respected and participated in traditional ceremonies such as Ye'ii-bi-chei, Shoe Game, Stick Game, Squaw Dance, Native American Church, and Pow Wow. Within the Pow Wow circle, Roderick was a well known Chicken Dancer. He was a member of the Indian Creek Singers and the Stone Creek Singers. The family will hold a private burial service on Monday morning, June 27, 2005. A Memorial Service will be held at Red Mesa Junior High Gymnasium at 1:00 PM

    A memorial account has been established through Wells Fargo Bank: Roderick Slim Memorial Fund.

    Your monetary donations and contributions are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

    The Slim Family
    P.O. Box 380
    Bluff, Utah 84512

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    Roderick Slim was a beautiful chicken dancer and will be remembered for being a well rounded wonderful and successful young Dine man.Life has taken its toll and taken him to a better place and he will be greatly missed and loved through out the years to come.I did not know him personally but live about 2 miles up to road from him in Red Mesa.I give him and his family prayers,and strength and shed tears for the young warrior.The pow-wow circle has lost a great chicken dancer,but he will always remembered for doing the things he loved. R.I.P Roderick.....luv alwayz,
    ~b.maryboy.....a.k.a "b b jinglin"


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      So sad.. my daughter told me about this.
      My prayers go out to the family and friends!


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        dancing in the heavens

        roderick slim was a great person, brother, son , friend, dancer and singer....what more could you want out of a young person? the news came so shocking to me. tears and pain i didn't know i could feel...and cry i began. i still can't believe you are gone. i have watched you as a young boy in the pow wow circuits growing up. i saw you as headman dancer in nm...what an honor it was to have seen you there. you were a great, beautiful dancer. the last time i saw you was the last day of school. talking and teasing me about the upcoming school year. the last time we chatted you said "love ya"... i mourn you but remember and honor you. i pray for you and for your family especially. but you are in heaven now. you are home. where no one can hurt you...where you will dance forever. the holy people are with you and you are happy now. that is all that matters. from me, a friend and more, roderick, i will never forget you. love always, -tracey


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          had the honour of watching him dance at witchekan pow wow the night before he passed...champion dancer is the only thing that comes to mind when i watched him. so tragic when a yound life is taken especially when he had so many plans for the future....
          Watch your broken dreams...
          Dance in and out of the beams of a neon moon


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            dancing in the heavens

            hi. i requested a song for you today. i think you would like it. grey buffalo's grand entry song...


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              To the people who knew Roderick

              I want to say that I will pray for his family and for the people that knew him and care for him at the next meeting I go to.The people that knew him will someday get to see him. I see him at powwows always making a place and I knew that he was a great dancer and I know that his parents are proud of him and that they raised him into a great person. I am Erica I was born in Monument Valley Utah I was related to Roderick by my second clan which is the Bit'ahnii clan right now I will miss seing him at powwows. Well take care Roderick.
              Last edited by EricaB; 08-17-2005, 01:42 PM.


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                yeah i sure do miss him a lot!! he really got me into actually starting to dance...i mean i've like going to powwows but he made me want to join the circle. he meant a lot to me!! luv always trace


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                  i was truely shock to hear the news of this young boys death...and eventhough i didn't have the chance to get to know him...i knew that he was a great dancer and i know that he was going to be missed by this day it is hard to not see him there!!


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                    this lil guy was my little brother by clan.......i loved his was something to look forward to where ever there was a powwow....i couldnt believe it at first, had to hear it from someone else for me to believe it.....yup he will be missed. man, he was suppose to play varsity this year, im gonna miss them braids dangling on the ball court.....R.I.P
                    its a shame that stupidity isnt painful


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                      I Love You

                      Man!.....when I Hear This Boys Song By Stone Creek......many Many Many Memories Comes To My Head.....even Thos Its Been Awhile.....i Still Think And Talk About Him!.....this Young Well Know Awesome Chicken Dancer Was One Of My Closes Best Friend!....he Would Call At All Hours The The Day In The Morning At 1-400 In The Morning Or Late At Night....he Would Call To Chill Out And Go Eat Or Walk Our Tiny Mall.....or Asked To See Where I Was Going!.....i Miss And Love This Boy So Very Much.....his I Consider His Family As Mine.....we Were So Close Where There Were Times We Almost Got Think Of His Mom As My Mom His Family As My Family!.....there Is So Much That We Both Planned To Do In The Far I Did Half Of What We Were Surpose To Do!....and I Will Continue To Do So!.....i Love U Roderrick!....i Always Will Be In Heart Forever!...take Care Of Yourself And Behave!!!....much Love Marissa Woody...aka Gooie...


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                        The Loving cousin I have!!!!!!!!!!

                        The face of an angel that is here,
                        One beautiful frikle equals one terrified tear,
                        He's not ready to leave but has to go,
                        He wants to go back the spirit says no,
                        Him leaving his life was a scary thought,
                        But its someting that can't be fought.
                        A,brother,cousin,and a friend,
                        A meaningful life that suddenly end,
                        An angel is what he meant to be,
                        Now think of all he can see,
                        He's looking over his family and friends night and day,
                        Saying i love you in his own special way,
                        In the night we shall sleep,in the day we wil cry,
                        He will watch us all from his star in the sky.
                        In Loving Memory Of,
                        Roderick Reed Slim


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