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Memorial for All Children

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  • Memorial for All Children

    As I see more and more of our children leaving this world in the news, I thought it would be a great idea for everyone to memorialize them.

    If you see a precious life lost in your area, post it here so we can all memorialize them.

    This sweet little Angle lost her life while riding her bicycle to school. She was hit by a school bus. A terrible loss for the family.

    "I cannot think that we are useless or God would not have created us.
    There is one God looking down on us all. We are all the children of one God. The sun,
    the darkness, the winds are all listening to what we have to say." **Geronimo

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    This is in rememberance for my three boys. Jacob and Tyler who would have been 15 this year. Tyler didn't survive the birth, and Jacob died at 7 months from SIDS. Also for Dustin, the little angel who left this world with his mama holding him. He would have been 10 this year. At least they are together in heaven as they would have been here on earth.

    For Josiah, my cousin, I never got to meet you, but I shared in being happy for your existance, and your place you hold in your mama Nicole's heart.


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      Casey Jo Pipestem

      I hope no one has forgotten this beautiful girl. She lost her way, but was still a wonderful, spirited person. It's a shame that someone would take her from this world when she had so much to offer it. My brother her biggest fan and best friend has suffered with losing his native sister, someday the pain will pass, and someday they'll meet again and party like old times.


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        in loving memory of my son, Jonathan

        I was blessed to have 5 children, 2 singletons and a set of triplets . . . my oldest triplet son passed away from SIDS. I just want to say that he is forever in my heart and I think about him each and everyday as his brothers and sisters do too. I know that he is watching over us . . .

        8-13-01 to 2-1-02
        ~~~Indian by nature Proud by choice ~~~ :indian2:
        ... Colville Confederated Tribes ....


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          This precious Angel was murdered by her step-father while her mom was out of the house a couple of weeks ago. They found her body in the river today. Such a shame! She was only 12 years old. My heart aches for her loved ones. Such a horrible thing to happen to a child.
          "I cannot think that we are useless or God would not have created us.
          There is one God looking down on us all. We are all the children of one God. The sun,
          the darkness, the winds are all listening to what we have to say." **Geronimo


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            Kenna Silverhorn

            Aho little sis , going to miss you!!! kenna passed nov 19th 2005


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