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Rev. Jim McKinney, Mayetta KS

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  • Rev. Jim McKinney, Mayetta KS

    This was a message that Dr. Smokey McKinney (Jim's son) sent to Haskell
    Subject: FW: my dad

    My father, Jim McKinney, went to meet his Creator night before last,
    October 24, at about 10:15 pm. He was 77 years old, an elder, a native

    speaker, and a contributor to every community that he lived in. If you
    knew him, you would know what I mean. He never met a stranger,
    and he and my mother adopted and raised many dear children, and we
    all grieve his passing. His faith was incredibly strong, and he was never
    shy about telling it, but he was also never rude in its telling. His humor was
    ever present, sometimes a little predictable, but always the room he
    was in contained much laughter.

    His leaving was abrupt and unexpected. He fought pneumonia for just
    over a week, contracted a virus that constricted his heart, making breathing
    difficult, then another infection, then suffered several strokes. Any
    of these would be difficult to overcome; together they overcame a mighty
    man who seemed to many as if he would live forever. Before we really
    knew what was going on, it seems he was gone, but it is to a better
    place. We, his family and friends, will miss him dearly. You probably
    know someone who knew Jim McKinney. Would you please share this sad
    news. We're sorry if we did not get word to you in time for you to say
    your goodbyes to him in person.

    Services will be held this Thursday and Friday, at Mercers, in Holton.
    Thursday night at 6:30 pm, a memorial service, with an open mike
    opportunity for words of encouragement; and Thursday morning at
    10 am, a funeral service, followed by burial at Prairie Peoples Park

    --Smokey McKinney

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    Smokey and the rest of the family: From my mother Anne and the rest of my family we want to say that our thoughts and prayers will be with you. I knew your father and have danced with him many times. I appreciated how he could fancy dance as well as he did for as long as he did.


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