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Dedication to Retired Air Force Master Sgt. Samuel Blatchford (Navajo) and the Fallen

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  • Dedication to Retired Air Force Master Sgt. Samuel Blatchford (Navajo) and the Fallen

    Retired Air Force Master Sgt. Samuel Blatchford (Navajo) who served combat tours in WWII, Korea and Vietnam is the most decorated American Indian Veteran has died Dec. 23rd. He will be missed by many of his friends and closest relatives and should be seen as one of the many important American Indians because he was most of all a survivor. Surviving being shot down over France and surviving the brutality of the Prison War Camps of Nazi Germany and to walk away from a firing squad shows he lived a remarkable life. As warriors, soldiers and veterans, American Indian veterans feel a great sense of pride honoring their people while serving their country and he was no exception. When they return home they were always honored. Even now songs are being made to honor those veterans of operations enduring Iraqi Freedom. Thier dedication of service is often life-long such as for "Sammy" and he will not be forgotten nor should all the soldiers and warriors. He had a sense of humor and a great integrity of being a true American hero and survivor while braving the many things he endured. After coming back after fifty years he made his life with the woman that thought him dead to enjoy this past eight years together and perhaps it was enough? I say a sad good-bye to Samuel Blatchford one of the few and proud of Native American history. This Holiday season please remember all the soldiers and warriors in your lives. Be thankful for the time and think of what our older generation endured so we may be alive today. With respect to all of you and yours this season. May you all be blessed and watched over. Feel free to pass this information on if you think it is relevant enough so the world may know about a man who lived a perilous and interesting life. May his memory remain just like his brother who also served as a Navajo Codetalker.
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