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Hatak Yearby - Marine KIA Iraq

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  • Hatak Yearby - Marine KIA Iraq


    Your administrator told me how to post this information. A young Marine from Marietta, OK was killed in Iraq on Saturday. He and his father, Justin Yearby, are Indian Dancers and I have seen that Hatak was listed by some as one of the favorite Indian dancers.

    There is no word on when the services will be held but I will post again when there is news.

    Please keep this Marine, his wife and his family in your prayers.


    Kathy Davis
    Proud mom of LCpl Jon Davis, USMC

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    We heard the news yesterday. Are prayers and love goes out to his family.


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      Much love and our prayers go out to you and your family and close loved ones.


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        My Prayers To The Yearby Faimily. Mary And Justin Are The Nicest People That I Have Ever Met. I Am So Sorry For Your Loss. Hatak Was A Brave Marine And We Will Never Forget Him.

        The Reeder Family-oklahoma City.


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          To Justin, Mary, and the Yearby Family, Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

          The Bucher Family


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            My prayers go out to this dancing family. May God grant them the strength for what they are about to go through. We also found out about this Sunday.


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              Condolences for Hatak's family

              I will be making a memory book. It will have messages from Marine parents from all over the country. I would be honored to include a section from people on this board. If you want to send a letter or any pictures that you have of Hatak, I will place them in a section by itself. I talked to the Yearbys today. They are truly some of the nicest people I have ever met. I have never met more gracious people even though they are in deep mourning.

              The services have not been announced. I will post here when they are.

              Thank you,

              Proud mom of LCpl Jon

              Grieving the loss of a noble Native American.

              PS. I just learned that Hatak means Free Man.


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                Hatak Yearby a man who served his family, tribe and country well.

                It was hard to hear the news when my phone rang this morning telling me that Hatak passed away over the weekend. I remember when I first met him and his family at a powwow in Texas about 6 years ago. Hatak and his family were the one of the nicest people one could meet at a powwow. They would treat you like family and if you were down they would take and bring your spirits up.

                It was very hard for us when we first heard that Hatak was being shipped off to Iraq back in March. But we knew this is what he had to do and he wanted to show his support our country. We were also very very happy to hear about his marrage to Lindsey just before his shipping off. She's a lovely girl and knew they belonged together.

                Our prayers go out to Lindsey his wife, Justin, Mary, Shema and the rest of his family. May god bless all of you in your time of need. We all know Hatak is in a good place and he will be missed by many.
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                Mahalo (Much thanks)


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                  Achukma Hatak Himita

                  My daughter, Jennifer Rowden Kemp, attended SOSU Upward Bound with Hatak and Lindsey Yearby and was dear friends with him. I was honored to have the opportunity to meet Hatak, and was very impressed with him. He was a very nice young man who had beautiful hair that matched his beautiful spirit. I wish I had been honored to see him dance, but I am positive that he is now dancing for the Great Spirit Chihowa. I will choose to take the only comfort I can find in this heart-breaking event, and that is that when I reach my final destination I will once again be honored to meet up with Hatak. My heart cries for his family and new wife, and I pray for a comfort that surpasses all understanding for you all.

                  Debi Clay, Ishke


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                    Hatak Yearby

                    my thoughts and prayers go out to Mary and Justin im sorry for your loss may the lord be with you and guide you through this Hatak was a very respectful man and a good dancer he will be remembered

                    "when you were born,you cried and the world rejoiced:live your life in such a manner that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice"


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                      prayers to the yearby family

                      Justin and family you are in my prayers. i am truly honored to have known Hatak along with the family. they are a good family and dacners. i have mush respect for them.
                      Robin McClellan
                      dancing from my heart never looking back at what i could have done always looking ahead to the next song!!!!
                      pain is weakness leaving tha body


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                        Bless their hearts, for their loss, we are all greatful for his service to our country and hope for his family, a smile in their hearts as they think of him. Thank you and God bless you, your in our prayers.


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                          Thank you

                          Now Hatak wasn't a close friend of mine but I know plenty of his friends and I am close with them. I want to thank each and everyone of you for your thoughts and prayers!!! The really do mean more than you know. And for the family from my brother Eric and I, our thoughts and prayers are with you from now until thereafter...Our country will always be endebted to your son! He took on a feat not many even think about and for that I am proud!


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                            My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends. Hatak sounds like he was a very wonderful young man.


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