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Missing you Grandma Della Lovejoy

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  • Missing you Grandma Della Lovejoy

    grandma it has been a long time since i seen you and i miss you soo much...the way you use to cook and all the powwows we went to and camping and having a good time telling story's. Waiting for the powwow to start and the way you smiled and your laugh.. i will never forget you....Not one day goes by that i think of you i love grandma.
    "when you love someone put there name in a circle not a heart because a heart can be broken but a circle goes on forever"

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    How blessed, your grandmother was to have someone like you as a granddaughter! I can see that there was alot of love between you. I used to camp with my grandparents when I was young too. The best part is, is that you are lucky enough to have these memory's to carry you through! Smile, though your heart aches and know that many are praying for you and your heart to heal.


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      Missin Grandma Della Lovejoy

      Hi Baby Girl, I know Grandma Della misses you also, the weekend she died, all she talked about was you, and she was so proud of seeing you in your new outfit, and watching you dance, she was an inspiration to many people, all her thoughts and prayers was mainly for you. You were the love of her life. I know she is watching over you all the time, and looking down, proud of the beautiful young lady you have become, many people watch from afar over you also, for your grandma Della, she will always be in our thoughts, I remember whenever I danced, she always danced on the side, and wiggled her toung for me to give me strength. I miss her too. Love You.


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        I miss her too...

        The times we had with Grandma was so natural. I mean, us as children, were so taken care of. Like, think about it, we didn't have to worry about anything. Yeah, we got in trouble once in awhile, but Grandma's love outweighed that. When she left us, we had to grow up. There was no reason for us to continue the lives we had. We couldn't. Without grandma there, it was impossible. To this day, I regret not being able to go to her last powwow with you guys. I wanted to go... But I couldn't. I love you babygirl, and not a day goes by that I know we're strong together. We always will be. Grandma's always standing with us. Right by our sides, holding our hands, like she used to. Caring when we're sad, and laughing when we're laughing. I miss you Grandma. You taught us so well... and I thank you for that...


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